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Kabuki: The people's dramatic art – Amanda Mattes

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The Japanese dance and theater art of kabuki, derived from the word kabuku, meaning “out of the ordinary,” can be traced back to the streets of seventeenth-century Kyoto. Kabuki became a dramatic art for the common people, with its use of makeup and facial expressions rather than masks, as well as a playful take on current events. Amanda Mattes tracks the evolution of kabuki and its place in Japan’s rich cultural heritage.

Lesson by Amanda Mattes, animation by Tom Gran.


Bán biệt thự Hoa Sữa, Vinhomes Riverside Long Biên – Nhạc nền "Lời tình gió mây" / Đức Phúc.

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  1. Parts or plot of kabuki?

  2. Hey, write about kathakali!

  3. so kabuki was anime before anime.

  4. I never thought of kabuki influencing anime, bu then I remember some animes doing exaggarated poses.

  5. japans traditions are easily the worst part of japan

  6. 0:34
    I thought it was like samurai jack lol

  7. Sailor Moon!! 💝💝💝💝

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  11. What type of animation style is this?

  12. 1:07 Seems very entertaining

  13. Me : HMM
    My cat : 0:32 You dare oppose me mortal
    My brother : 0:24 superman
    The Bois : NAni

  14. So vincent van gogh was a weeb?

  15. -.-

  16. Kabuki 歌舞伎 means
    Ka 歌 : sing, voice
    Bu 舞 : dance
    Ki 伎 : technics

  17. Wow!!! Awesome!!! Thanks for the history lessons!!! Greetings from Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, México. 🙂

  18. Kabuki actors wearing old Chinese style hairstyle and clothes are comical.

  19. I LOVE U.

  20. One question and hopefully if it changes drastically in a good way: Should kabuki be performed by women, since Kabuki was originally made by a priestess and it makes sense?

  21. Kabuki's where ironic memes

  22. 영알못

  23. ligma

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