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Jessica Brown-Findlay (Abi) – Anyone who knows what love is (HD+Extended+Lyrics ) (Black Mirror)

If you want the song:

(Yes, I know lyrics are wrong, there’s nothing I can do, sorry).

This is a version I made from the song “Anyone who knows what love is (will understand).
It’s from Black Mirror, a television drama series created by Charlie Brooker.
This is the episode “15 Million Merits” and it’s the part where Abi (played by Jessica Brown-Findlay (beautiful!)) sings in the show.
That was the first time I’ve ever heard that song and I really liked it, so I decided to make a long version of the song and with an end.
The song is a cover from Irma Thomas original song… I like more Abi’s version =)



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  1. A quiz for Black Mirror fans: https://youtu.be/Y6H5Vc_o4Cg

  2. Where Dawn would be if she left Pete

  3. This really sounds like stuck with u by ariana and bieber lmao

  4. He went to the show because he wanted to change the system, and open people's eyes. however, when they give to him the chance of being rich and not ride a bike anymore, he excepted despite his dream of the change the system. The main idea of this episode is this. You may probably be the most anti-capitalist person in the world until you get rich.

  5. Imagine if someone went on AGT with this and the judges had no idea

  6. This reminds me of twitch. People gather online to watch a streamer feeling social without really socializing

  7. And in the end she ended being future version of Sasha Grey. And I'm not talking about her musical skills, if you know what I mean.

  8. This song makes me think of the other female character. The lovely girl, in a less conventional sort-of-way, who had been in love with Bing since the beginning. A love that was not reciprocated. But one that taught Bing how to show his own feelings towards this singing lady.
    In some ways, I feel as though her (the less conventional girl) love became the catalyst for the following chain of events that occurred in the episode. She taught Bing the vending machine trick that he used to catch this singing girl's attention after all.

    The lyrics "You can blame me, try to shame me but still I'll care for you." Suggest an unhealthy infatuation that cannot be broken. And it is the unconventional girl, who in the end, may have chosen love over the system.

    I feel like the other girl is a very underrated character. You can tell in the final scene that she is in, that she still has feelings for Bing despite the fact that he has been manipulated to sell himself out to the system. And because of this, there is a chance that she may herself, rebel. (I say this because she flips her bike screen to the one Bing used to quickly gain merits.)

    And she is the thing that makes me feel like this episode isn't simply 'sad.' That, in my interpretation, 15 Million Merits is as much of a comment on the power of enduring love as it is on dehumanization and capitalism.

  9. I will cry

  10. thats why u keep your money close and go mgtow .

  11. Thanks to BM I’m losing trust with life.

  12. this is sad

  13. Guy who say I feel sorry for Abi, remember that every time you watch porn

  14. song is cool!!!!

  15. Omg, I didn’t know that the first season was 8 years ago!!!

  16. Cómo se llama este tema

  17. bich

  18. quite a haunting episode actually, music just adds to it.

  19. and here we are in 2020, declining more and more as a society and as human beings …. individualism, world control … I very much encourage everyone

  20. and she became pornstar lol

  21. The audience in this scene is literally concerts of the future as we’re all now in indefinite quarantine

  22. Song starts at 0:18

  23. Black Mirror is the reason why I don't do Social Media anymore, deleted it for almost 5 months now and switch to a basic phone.. Thank you Black Mirror for opening my eyes to the reality

  24. Her few next performances was actually much better than this.. Xd

  25. This cost me 15 million merits
    It was worth it.

  26. "They can't see you like i can " is the most gallant line ever i think ❤
    The melody of this song is awesome.

  27. DSLs

  28. She sold her sold to the devil and became a sex slave. Does this sound familiar?..This is Hollywood for you. Most twisted as place in the world.

  29. Can someone tell me please where to watch these series? Is it on Netflix at all?

  30. Harika ötesi bayıldım teşekkürler (Abi) …..

  31. She is too dam beautiful ,, very lovely face ❤❤❤❤

  32. What is ducking wrong with the sound quality? Ducked the whole song. pull this video down right now. This is a disgrace to the song and the artist.

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