Introducing iPhone 12 Flip — Apple


iPhone 12 Flip Introducing video 2020 — Apple. All-new iPhone 12 Flip is Finally HERE with Triple Camera + LiDAR Scanner and Innovative Flip display.

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This concept was created by iOS BETA News # Exclusively to CONCEPTSIPHONE!

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  1. iPhone 12 Flip Trailer is HERE! We are now with 355,000+ SUBSCRIBERS! Thank you so much guys!
    Kind Regards,
    Ran Avni from ConceptsiPhone.
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  2. Woowwww

  3. م اعتقد لكن يارب صدق

  4. still no space for the headphone jack

  5. #GaLaXyZfLiP

  6. #galaxy Z FLIPP

  7. After a few hundred times folding.. The screen still OK?

  8. Is this confirm? This is only a concept, right?

  9. Apple have always made bar phoned, just copying samsung with the z flop sorry I mean flip

  10. How are they gonna make u phone case

  11. cuando va estar listo ojala y no le pase lo que paso con samsung flip

    se dana la pantalla

  12. This is pure STUPIDITY…. but stupid people will buy anything even a iphone ROLL which will be like a ball… but its not their fault. Its just that they have too much money up their assess…

  13. I don’t really like it :/ I just don’t think the flip concept suits it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. The way this thing flips over doesn't make sense from usability perspective. Certainly you don't know Apple and how they make their products.

  15. Fake

  16. For everyone saying flip phones are useless I dare you to try to fit a normal phone on a woman’s pants pocket.

  17. Why is the little screen upside-down

  18. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip :v

  19. Even if Apple will release a flip phone it won't be a model so similar to the Z Flip, if it does it'll get a lot of backlash from the community and may even be sued by Samsung since the design is basically copy and pasted. Great video tho

  20. Very nice 👍

  21. I don’t like it

  22. Iphone without notch ? Never xD

  23. isn't this just an iPhone 11 with extra steps?

  24. Foldable phones is a bad joke. They always sucked.

  25. The external screen is on the wrong end of the phone.

    When you close a flip phone, you close the top down. Not the bottom up.

  26. Is this really the iPhone flip?
    I hope it's not…
    For me, The design is just like the Samsung galaxy z flip & Motorola flip combined.
    So disappointed…

  27. I would really like an iPhone Flip, because i want to buy an iPhone 11 Pro, but i like the Z Flip. I love it!!!

  28. Oh gosh no its a z flip just with apple specs we dont need a fail phone in apple flag ship line!

  29. Galaxy zFlip ????

  30. Steve Jobs must be very sad to see this from above.

  31. Very ugly. Thankfully apple will never make such a device.

  32. Somebody send this to the Apple team

  33. Is it likely that Apple will release a flip phone this year?

  34. God no plz don't give apple this design. Everything that is holy never never never never never never never.

  35. I love flip phones i want an apple to relase flip phones of

  36. LOL! What idiot 3D animated this retarded PoS?
    The camera moves as if its hold by a monkey with an epileptic seizure.
    I've done 1000X better Ads with the shitty 3D Studio for DOS 25 years ago. #IdiotsEverywhere

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