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Hulk VS Pennywise Battle

Hulk VS Pennywise: Who Would Win?
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see your favorite characters pitted against each other? Superheroes, anime heroes, monsters and more. Whether they’re friend or foe, it’s an interesting thought.
Hulk is the strongest Avenger. He fought all kinds of beings on Earth and in outer space. Superhumans, thunder gods, mad titans and planet eating cosmic beings, Hulk has smashed them all. He’s the green rage machine and he’ll smash anything that you put in front of him.
But this time, Hulk won’t be facing just any foe, he’ll face the monster of Derry, Maine. The so-called World Eater, an ancient cosmic evil, a being that arrived on Earth millions of years ago from a realm known as the Macroverse. This evil creature is known as IT, often seen as the nightmarish dancing clown Pennywise.
In CBR’s ultimate clash of monsters, we set the two beasts against each other to see who will emerge victorious. What will win, rage or fear? Both monsters will fight in a cave under Derry.
It’s sure to be a sight to behold and a spectacle that will go down in history forever.
There will be tears, there will be pain, there will even be a sprinkling of remorse, but can you guess who will come out on top? Place your bets and get ready to take a seat ringside while the events unfold. You don’t want to miss this monster brawl, it’s sure to make a lasting impression. Let them fight!
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  2. it cant die so its an unfair fight lol

  3. HULK V.S GOKU!!!! ( i think goku will win)

  4. Cbr is to lazy to make a real animation of a fight

  5. Good video

  6. hulk didnt stand a chance. even the scarlet witch easily put fear into hulk . it would take 5 minuts for hulk to go crazy and get eaten

  7. .

  8. I knew hulk would be the winner

  9. It's not real

  10. Pennywise

  11. Well He is unstoppable

  12. Hulk

  13. It

  14. I thought Pennywise was gonna win when Hulk turned back into Bruce Baner

  15. Never mind

  16. Hulk has no fear only rage

  17. creepy

  18. Is anyone gonna mention that IT is just gonna come back in another 27, because the only way to destroy IT for good is to do the ritual. By the hulk will be old and can’t fight back.. rip..

  19. 😠😡 it should have won

  20. IT IT IT!!!!

  21. Hulk is fearless he’s angry he has a team he big he’s strong hulk wins!!!

  22. Pennywise vs Demogorgon

  23. Hulk scared of a spider what a joke

  24. Wait so if Thanos is in this world then there would be a chance that Pennywise was you no erased but well he'd be back now so nevermind

  25. It

  26. Do you guys really sit around figuring out what else in this world can millennials contribute that means nothing, does nothing or is just a huge waste of time?

  27. Ur idiot

  28. Que enfrentamiento más estupido

  29. Hulk will do to pennywise what he did to Loki in Avengers.. Hulk: puny clown

  30. I love how CBR photoshopped all of this to make it real.

  31. Did 5 million people really need this question answered?

  32. This video is a waste. Don't watch.

  33. Talks to much BOOO👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  34. I like the editing

  35. I feel sorry for baby it

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