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How to Remove Write Protection on USB drive – 2016

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Hey There!
This is Teja
In this video, I will be teaching you how to remove the Write Protection on your USB Flash Drive.
NOTE : You will be able to remove the write protection only from the same computer using which you created the write protection on your USB drive.
Generally, there are two ways to remove the write protection on your USB. The first method is by making some changes with the Registry keys in the Registry Editor, and the second method is by using Command Prompt. Since, I feel that its easy to remove the write protection by using Command Prompt, I will be teaching you the second method.
Here are the commands that you need to run in the Command Prompt :
diskpart – It enters the diskpart, and opens up a new cmd window
list disk – It lists all the disks which are presently conncted to your PC
select disk 1 – It makes the USB drive as the active drive
attributes disk clear readonly – It removes the write protection on USB.
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  1. To all the people, who were reporting that this doesn't work. Firstly, check for any external switch on your USB drive. Some USB drives have a switch on them, using which you can turn on or off, the write protection. If they don't, then you have to follow the method that I showed you in the Video. I repeat once again, this works only on the computer using which you created the write protection.
    And here is a reply for all of those who were making mean comments that this is not working. If you can easily remove write protection from any computer as you wish, then where is the security for your USB? I mean, what is the use of locking your USB drive, if anyone can remove the lock soo easily, from their own Computer. Just think.

  2. This fake shit changed the usb drive and entered a new usb drive (not write protected) . If he didn't, why he not showed the usb drive . Stupid cheater..😡

  3. This fake shit changed the usb drive and entered a new usb drive (not write protected) . If he didn't, why he not showed the usb drive . Stupid cheater..😡

  4. felt like a hacker doing this lol

  5. Tired 2 time but didn't worked.

  6. Guys, this doesnt worl

  7. THXs

  8. It doesnt work. This way is wrong

  9. Worked for me. Thank you.

  10. This is Youtube storyline, it can't work brother

  11. tried this the USB stick will not format

  12. Thanks Raj worked a treat. I had not idea as to why the thumb drive magically write protected itself.

  13. Tnx bro it worked 👍

  14. Pleas dont watch the video

  15. Its fake video didnt work

  16. It worked… Thanks so much

  17. Thank you

  18. It worked but after 1 or 2 weeks while checking it again says disk write protected.

  19. Well what if I didnt make it on this computer like most of us you dumb shit.

  20. Thank You Raj , it worked.

  21. Nailed it well done

  22. It's not to work properly

  23. write to protect show kar rha hai ab bi

  24. I followed your steps but my USB flash still in the same situation WHY?

  25. Your advice regarding using the computer that the write protection was initiated from makes no technical sense that I am aware of. I am however, embarrassed to admit it is correct. Thank you sir. It does however apear that the repaired drive will only work on that one computer. No problem, I still salute you.

  26. not working

  27. thank you it worked for me

  28. It doesn't work for me.

  29. Help me!! I did everything correctly, but it still says its write protected! Plz help

  30. i follow your steps and i didnt see any changes. i cant copy, delete, or format.

  31. Not work it

  32. I tried as u do but it still shows ur disk is write protected

  33. Success!!! Thank You so much!!

  34. I have 1TB usb drive >>> i did everything you said >>>Now it only allowing me to store up to 50GB, when i tried to store some more files in the usb>> it say's write protection

  35. You can not speak hindi

  36. I did exactly what u said,but no response from my pendrive

  37. This does not work no matter what I do.

  38. I've done everything you've emailed me that's okay, but it's not working. In the system you can see as read only you can't even change the letter, although external programs do. The trick with registers doesn't work either.On another computer this flash drive works so it is not damaged.

  39. when i type" disk list" after i type "diskpart" its only show disk 0? pls help!!

  40. I have try same procedure but my usb drive doesn't free from the write protection

  41. It’s worked on first try!! Thanks a lot bro😭🙏🏻🙏🏻

  42. I tried this but its still saying remove write protection

  43. Hello, i am facing this problem for the first time in my life, i have watched your video & followed exactly what you did but still its there, i mean my flash drive is still write protected. please guide me what should i do?

  44. its not work lier

  45. didn't work

  46. Followed all steps with seeming success but usb drive remained write-protected; could not copy files or format.

  47. I have followed all the steps but the device is know also write protected

  48. Thank you,Raj,much appreciated

  49. Its can't work….same method..

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