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How to Fix Automatic Repair Loop in Windows 10

In this tutorial you will learn different ways to fix Windows 10 startup issues like Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop, Startup Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC, Your PC did not start correctly,, windows infinite boot among other start-up issues experienced in Windows 10. This can happen after upgrading to Windows 10 or after installing windows updates that are incompatible with your system. Sometimes drivers, new hardware, applications or an overclock can cause this problem. If you can find what causing this issue then you should try all the solutions in thistrouble shooting guide.

Method 1: Use Startup repair
Method 2: Using CMD
Method 3: Use System restore
Method 3: Use System refresh

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  1. I get a "Path not found – C: boot" message after "attrib c:bootbcd – h – r – s" command. Anyone knows what's with that?

  2. Bcd bcd. Old a duplicate file name exits or the file cannot be found rush rreply pls

  3. This did not work at all. I tried every method including the stuff in command nothing worked for me in the end.

  4. And when im switching pc to qn without graphic card it works

  5. And then my screen is just black

  6. Nothing works for me everything just keeps reloading all the time

  7. Im getting Path Not Found -C:boot how can i fix this?


  9. Bruh windows laptops work garbage apple is the way of tech lmao who agrees??

  10. Attrib c: bootbcd -h -r -s. File not found – c:bootbcd

  11. how the fuck did you get to advanced options??? my screen is a black loading screen with the msi logo and it's just loading forever

  12. It worked my man! Your the best

  13. Nothing worked

  14. None of this is working

  15. I can't open windows defender after doing this

  16. What should I do if I have 0 identified windows installation for the command promt?

  17. For me at 3:21 my laptop says path not found – D:boot

  18. Cedg pach not found

  19. I’ve had my pc broke for 1 month and nothing works

  20. Neither of those worked

  21. My account isnt there it just says startup repair couldnt repair

  22. Preparing automatic repair just dissappear after 5 sec then stock in black screen. I can't even boot to advance option. What do I do?

  23. Nothing worked guess I just lost basically my entire life for the past year

  24. If that doesnt work
    1. Drive to the nearest junkyard with your computer
    2. Simply lay it there and drive away
    That should fix your problem

  25. Thank you so much! The command prompt method actually worked for me and I couldn't even get to the option without a USB drive to run from to boot. My pc was just infinitely restarting without giving an option to restore.

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