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How to Fix Automatic Repair Loop in Windows 10 – Startup Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC

This video shows how you can fix startup error with automatic repair loop in Windows10.
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In this tutorial I will be showing you a number of ways to fix Windows 10 startup problems either in the form of Automatic Repair Loop, Your PC did not start correctly, infinite booting or some other similar start-up problems you might be experiencing with Windows 10. This could happen after Windows has installed certain updates that it finds incompatible with the software distribution or after you make certain changes to your system settings or certain applications you have installed on your PC. If you’re able to figure out the event that led to this problem, then you wouldn’t need to try all fixes, you could simply pick the method that is more likely to solve your problem and implement it.

Method 1: Use the suggested restart option
Method 2: Using the start-up repair tool.
Method 3: Use the registry backup command called regback. This command replaces your registry configuration with the last known good configuration you have on your PC, so basically changing your registry configuration to the configuration of your most recent successful bootup.

If all fixes fail, then you can consider running a system restore, for that you will need to make a bootable USB with Windows 10 installation files, I have included that in this video:


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    💡 For more tips on how to fix Windows 10 startup issues, check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUKHp4Q_Fls&list=PLgInsBr6KCT1vBNRkx3CsDDdxZwQ_ACLH

  2. After I did the copy . ..
    it showed “the system cannot find the file specified. 0 files(s) copied.”
    Please what do I do next?

  3. Hello there awesome tutorial . I have a problem at the moment whit my win 10 , I disable msconfig Microsoft all services by mistake ! And now I can’t log in ! My password does not work! I try my windows and Microsoft and none work ! Any ideas how to reverse this changes !? I been trying to resolve this situation but not luck ! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  5. y is it taking so long to download the files its at software

  6. For some reason it won't accept my password.

  7. The first method save me! Thanks!!!!

  8. What is yout gmail.. can I send a video of my situation?

    I badly need a fix to my laptop because I need to hand over the files to our school coordinators the next day 😰

  9. The problem with my computer is it isn’t a startup bug. It’s a automatic repair bug.

  10. Thank you so much. It really helped me.
    Earned a like👍

  11. after c: i tried dir then it showed file not found 🤔😣

  12. Thank you so much❤️ It really work!

  13. When I type dir it shows Nothing found…what would I do?? Anyone please help!!

  14. Totel complete laat ture off and 👉

  15. But last options vilangallah naa

  16. Thanks

  17. Thank you so much bro
    It works for me
    Ooh I'm so happy ♥️💜 thank you for real man

  18. when im in the regback thing (typing 'dir' for the second time) it shows completely different files? what do i do?

  19. I don't have enough space for backup, what should I do?

  20. I tried all these and it didn't work. Then I went into bios and saw that it was trying to boot from the wrong hdd. I changed it back and it worked. I have no idea why it decided to do this but might be worth checking if you have the same problem. I had all the same symptoms as the video

  21. Thank you ❤

  22. Hi, i have a question
    Can this problem be caused by my hdd that's not functioning right? Cause when i entered to the cmd section and typed c: and d: it said "a device which doesn't exist was specified"

  23. Got to love the windows 10 2004 feature update. It worked at work, but my home pc broke because of it. I have a few tricks that I will try, but first I will attempt the registry fix found here. I think I'm also going to detach my internal drives not related to my boot drive too. Will keep you guys posted.

  24. Still not solved

  25. Thank you man , you saved my life in this lockdown

  26. Doesn’t work…

  27. regback does not work for please help me on 2020 its been a long time now

  28. 0 files copied

  29. I dont think i followed it correctly but seems to work for me 🤷 thanks

  30. Thanks its very helping

  31. I have a problem here, which I have 0 number on each item after the "dir" process. What should I do?

  32. Thanku you bro

  33. my laptop has the numbers you said at 5:42 0 0 0 0 0 and you never told us the fix for it

  34. it works wonderfull trick

  35. it say my file is corrupt…HELP!!!

  36. Its very helpful thanks for sharing your videos😊

  37. I literally tried every thing.its still not working now that corrupt file won’t even let me reset my windows no matter how hard I tried and all the command promts were useless..please help me🥺🥺

  38. Sir can you help me for this ..
    In my laptop not working this command

  39. Sir can you help me for this ..
    In my laptop not working this command

  40. My laptop is only loading, but i dont know why

  41. Bit after it says preparing automatic repairs the computer screen just goes black.

  42. Thank you so much, I was about to throw my laptop away. I follow all the steps and it's running smoothly

  43. When I do the “copy . backup” it comes up saying “the file or directory is corrupt and unreadable. 0 file(s) copied.” What do I do

  44. Omigosh thank you sooo much, you literally saved my day. The second fix did it 👍👍👍 thank you sooo much once again mo 🤗🤗😄😄

  45. Thanks bro very much

  46. copy . backup
    CD regback
    Works till here below command throws error
    copy . ..
    error:- The system cannot find file specified?

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