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How the US failed to rebuild Afghanistan

“Where the road ends in Afghanistan, the Taliban begin.”

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The US war in Afghanistan has raged for 16 years, since the US invaded after 9/11, in 2001. At the onset, a centerpiece of US strategy was to rebuild Afghanistan’s crumbling infrastructure. This move expedited military logistics and maneuvers, while simultaneously reigniting travel between Afghanistan’s major cities. But when the US started its war in Iraq, that diverted resources and manpower from the battlefield of Afghanistan. And the Taliban didn’t miss the chance. To date, the most ambitious roadbuilding project, known as the Ring Road, has seen over $3 billion spent on its renewal. And it was never completed.

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  1. The ultimate goal of US oil control in the region. Everything else is beautiful words and thousands of speculation

  2. Who composes vox videos background scores?

  3. 🇦🇫❤🇺🇸

  4. Who said the plan was to rebuild?
    All Americans wanted from day one was to take full possession of Afghanistan, their Poppy plantations and profitable Heroin production.

  5. America the Global Bully

  6. May be they didn't get oil there… its a joke when u say they were trying to rebuild it…. a country whjcb wants wars and runs its economy on war by supplying weapons to both sides encouraging it

  7. The The title should be why did USA ruined Afghanistan more

  8. Nuke is used to rebuild the nation..!

  9. Well…the US lost the war

  10. I tell you a joke but laugh quietly..

     U.S is superpower.

  11. remember when rambo blew up that spetznut in afghanistan?

  12. good information..

  13. Rather titled ‘How America ruined Afghanistan?’

  14. No 1 has ever conquered Afghanistan. The yanks wouldn’t have done any difference.

  15. why not re-invade afghanistan?


  17. Taleban ❤

  18. Hot the US destroyed Afganistan

  19. Man US just do whatever they want 🤷🏻

  20. 3:06 man

  21. Now usa saying taleban are not terrorist nice job done by usa

  22. The USA is not a charity. If they cared for people so much they would support their own homeless and jobless people? Anyone who thinks that the USA would go into Afghanistan to help the Afghan people is living in delusion.

  23. They only rebuild the drug fields

  24. These comments are gonna be very fun to read.

  25. Superpower America full of self confidence and arrogance Lost and ragtag Taliban full of faith in God won,…. Modern day David and Golith.

  26. It's obvious that military involvement Always profits weapon manufacturers. I wonder who actually profited from the 3billion in road construction? More than likely the buildergroup or some affiliates of halliburton? Anyone knowes?

  27. After USA and USSR I think China might try to control afganistan in future

  28. Nobody can build Afghanistan. Only afgan people can help themselves

  29. Lol USA surprised when the country they destroyed is unable to rebuild

  30. Well now there will be a peace i wish

  31. Where did USA go wrong – Stop sending arms and interfering in other countries

  32. America tried to build a new nation based on their culture. Mite as well try to build a Bridget to the moon.

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