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HOW Much Does a 5 Star HOTEL Resort Cost in NHA TRANG Vietnam?

Day 42: Do you want to see a 5 star (5 Sao) hotel in Nha Trang Vietnam? Today we tour our resort here at the luxury Champa Oasis in Nha Trang.

If you’re looking for where to stay in Nha Trang there are loads of options to find a hotel and resort. The whole beach city of Nha Trang is full of many luxury hotels, but we ended up here at the Champa Oasis Hotel. Many of the 5 star hotels in Nha trang range in price however, while looking for places to stay we saw a big gap in the range, so we tell you how much our 5 star hotel here costed us and enjoy the amenities of what our resort has to offer.


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  1. Western countries are always a rip off man. Their cost are always higher. And they still complaint about Vietnamese ripping them off! Lol

  2. Love your travel videos bro. Just binged for like an hour lol. Got me missing Vietnam, time to book a trip!

  3. LA Fitness sucks. 24 H Fitness sucks…. If you see illegal Chinese, can you punch them for me? One of these days, we going to check visa of all the Chinese and Russians there.

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  8. So jealous!! Would love to visit!!

  9. That gym was definitely better than LA fitness

  10. Which you prefer Nha trang or Da Nang?

  11. also dope video

  12. mo salah at 3:14

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