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How is American Horror Story Connected?

We love a bit of American Horror Story here at ATM, and season 7 looks to be one of the best seasons yet – but just how will it connect to all the other series? Time to find out as we examine just how this anthology series all fits together!

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  1. Which is your favourite season? I'm a die hard Asylum fan!

  2. I love ahs !

  3. I liked the murder house one and cult one was first season I watched
    I’m late to the party

  4. aint no one gonna talk about apocalypse and how it connected 3 seasons

  5. Damn you’re voice is cringe.

  6. there were no murderous nurses in season one…there were nurses who were murdered but they didn't do the killing…

  7. ahs 1984 will definetly be violence

  8. Coven and hotel

  9. JFC that goddamn thumbnail made me scream fuuuuuck

  10. Dandy Mott is related to Edward Mott

  11. Ahs cult sucks

  12. I really like asylum. It’s got a good story line, and it scares me the most

  13. Bro I can’t believe that Evan Peters isn’t gonna be in season 9 like it’s iconic for him to be in it and to me almost necessary but he has been working hard for 8 years so I guess he deserves it

  14. Also Hazel Evers could be Jude mother

  15. My chronological order goes
    (This is all before season 9 is released)

    Freak show


    Murder house






  16. I ran into Freak Show while rummaging through DVDs at the library. (4th season) It had me rivited) Now I'm searching for episodes prior. You failed to mention the real connection though, which stemmed from the original, FREAKS (1932) By the way, The original version featured real life freaks.

  17. Can't stand the narrator she's too enthusiastic and loud about such horrific subjects and didn't really make sense or tell me something I didn't know!

  18. I’m moving outta mass y’all

  19. Let's put another shrimp on the Bobbie … Ayy mate good unya

  20. Thank you AHS for giving me some of my all time fav actors ever.


  22. and lana winters was mentioned in cult

  23. It would be KNOWLEDGE

  24. The voice of this speaker is the real Horror story!

  25. Which is your favorite season?

  26. Why are you screaming ? Please just speak in a normal tone.

  27. Roanoke is based on the 13 original colonies, which Mass. is part of.

  28. I feel like a have to memorize this

  29. Idk if this was mentioned or not but ally refused an interview with lana winters

  30. I really loved the seasons, Cult, Freakshow and coven

  31. Is that.. Cardi B on the thumbnail??

  32. i think we will get 10 seasons, the first 9 being the 9 circles of hell and the 10th season connecting them all as a finale

  33. "Orleeeeeens"


  35. I might be wrong but I just re-binged murder house and in the mural under the wallpaper in the dining room there was a figure that resembled the pigman

  36. Could the baby teased in the s8 pics/ teaser vids be the one who brings the end? Maybe Thats why they all have to work together to stop the baby. The kid was shown in a time glass with the bottom being the baby and the top being the world blowing up..Idk, just came up with this on the spot sooo😩😂😂

  37. The only thing that saved Roanoke for me was the last episode when Trixie Mattel showed up. Is no one remembering that one?

  38. In my opinion coven, murder house and cult were the best!

  39. The creators already said that Madison And Charles are not related

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