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How American Horror Story Season 6 Ties the Series Together! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

After so many teasers, American Horror Story season 6 aka My Roanoke Nightmare is finally here and we got a look at where the story will go. But how does it relate to the rest of the series? Jessica breaks down all the horrific goodness (WITH POTENTIAL SPOILERS) on today’s Nerdist News!

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  1. What if all the seasons are connected in this way:
    Going back to the Roanoke mystery. I believe that the colony of Roanoke was abducted by aliens as wall as other people throughout history, with only the word Croatoan. Now these aliens are running tests on these people they have abducted by putting them back in different times of life or time. The aliens messes with their minds to understand humans. This entails torture, using psychological torture as their preferred. This means that the aliens uses supernatural stuff to mess with their test subjects. Now the different seasons are all tests to understand the minds of humans. The aliens want to understand why people do what they do, from murderer's all the way to nuns looking after mentally ill patients.
    Well that's my theory, what do you think?

  2. Didn't even bother with this season.

  3. But still, what about Slenderman? Is it still a possibility?

  4. what's funny is none of these things were answered in season 6

  5. different circles of hell

  6. I like Jessica Chobot. She seems intelligent and not to mention quite pretty.

  7. Jessica looks often like a little girl but then when she looks up or sideways she looks like a jogger/walker

  8. Jessica is so cute.

  9. Does anyone have a link or a Facebook pag where I can watch AHS 6??? please no links where I gotta put in credit card #

  10. I don't care about AHS, I also just want to share my hatred for Cari Dee.

  11. I really hope not. aliens is such a copout plot

  12. I am so bored this season so far

  13. Dear God, please don't let it be aliens again. Please God, not the aliens.

  14. So far not to impressed with this season (as of right now it's my least favorite season).

  15. All I know is I want Taissa and Jessica Lange back

  16. so no slender

  17. I love AHS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i can't wait for this season to rock our imagination, and keep us asking for fore. It sucks that it only plays once a week, but that's the entire reason I am drawn into it. It makes me want to know what the other episodes will be about..

  18. could it a multiverse kinda like silent hill

  19. Gurrrl you look so beautiful <33

  20. Seems like this will connect to season 2-4 the most.

  21. each season is a layer of hell. it'll end with season 9.

  22. Fuck aliens, but no don't. Don't fuck aliens.

  23. nice to meet you Jessica. if you ever need a "friend" don't hesitate to ask.

  24. This is just a theory, but I feel there may be some (possible) truth to it:
    – All mentally ill people in the world (i.e. the serial killers, mass murderers, etc.) were made the way they were in order to fulfill a higher malevolent purpose – to someday follow the will of the Antichrist, who will use their evil ways to his advantage as his followers, since they share his unspeakable affinity for torture of innocent people. Since they are already sick-minded individuals, they will easily fall under the Antichrist's sway.
    – Knowing that the Antichrist would someday make his presence known on Earth, the aliens created witches, having done experiments on humanity which could carry forth for hundreds of years via bloodline; the genetic mutations of these humans are what have enabled them to practice 'witchcraft', or magic. Someday, they would be able to use these powers to prove a valuable match against the powers of the Antichrist, as to join together in covens and destroy him. It has already been established that there are other dimensions beyond our own, ranging from Heaven, Hell, whatever world the aliens themselves hail from, and other universes that have yet to be touched upon. The witches, because of their unique gifts as a result of the aliens' ancient experiment on their ancestors, are able to walk the line between these worlds, which is where they get their powers from.
    – Vampires, like that shown on "Hotel", may be one of the aliens' failed experiments to better mankind; the aliens sought to make humanity stronger, faster, and more endurable for when the time came to destroy the Antichrist. Instead, what the aliens created was a virus, and those infected by it had an insatiable craving for blood, who depended on it if they meant to stay strong and immortal. The aliens rejected those infected by the virus by abandoning them on Earth, where it spread through the ages among a small portion of humanity.
    – The various other monsters on the show may be from Hell, making way for the Antichrist's presence when the time came to fight by his side at the end of days.

  25. it can't be aliens that take colony, it was the natives that killed the colonial colony because history has reported that some natives has blue eyes

  26. nicely put..i also thought ALL of this!

  27. Croatoan is another thing that most likely connects this season and season 1 together because in season 1 Sarah's character (the psychic) told violet to use "the croatoan spell" to rid the gay couple out. If you don't remember it was when tate had to steal the guys watch and he got beat up and then he gave the watch to violet (because you needed items of their possession or something) and then violet chanted/screamed "croatoan" in the basment while quinto was down there. And another thing that I find might being a connection to season 1 is that in this season they moved from LA, she had a miscarriage, and a creepy mansion that seamed to good to be true for the price. Sound familiar?

  28. I am enjoying the new season thus far, but I really hope, it doesn't involve aliens.

    Aliens? and Witches? As a Wiccan I am intrigued. 🙂

  30. I hope they don't try to throw aliens in. I hated the aliens arc in Asylum. It was so pointless. I would've enjoyed Asylum so much more if they didn't cram all these other little side stories and arcs into a 13 episode season, and the last couple episodes got so boring. And I thought Ryan Murphy said he wouldn't do aliens again cause of the backlash it got.

  31. I thought about the possibility that the aliens will play a big part in 6? Before the first episode lol

  32. I don't remember which season it was but I remember Sarah Paulson's character mentioning Roanoke. It was either murder house or coven and it was along the lines of how so many spirits hadn't been banished since the Roanoke incident.

  33. It's not horror anymore.

  34. this makes a lot of sense

  35. I. WANT. BABY FACE (the doll on the thumbnail) TO BE IN. THIS. SEASON!! HER TEASER IS MY FAVE ONE!

  36. I do like what they're doing and the new innovative docu way to tell the story since now we can get deeper into their thoughts on what they're thinking at the time etc.

    They need to tell us (Spoiler Alert for S2) what happend to the main character in ASylum when the ALiens took him at the end.

  37. i rly rly rly sincerely hope it's nothing to do with aliens. it's such an easy way out. i already don't like the "errything shall tie together" format, and i definitely don't want it to be all alien based. it seems so childish to draw aliens as creatures of superior technology and ulterior motives. i also don't see how aliens = god. it's the exact opposite. i don't see other planets mentioned in holy books, let alone other life forms from other planets VERY far away..

  38. I wish they hadn't changed the format so drastically, I hate mockumentaries. Still excited to see where it goes though

  39. Roanoke! It's pronounced Crow-a-tan! And remember, the Roanoke River (which I live on) was known historically as the River of Death!

  40. I know this is off topic, but….. why is she so damn cute???

  41. maybe the vampire virus was made by the aliens and the witch blood is also from the aliens

  42. I kinda believe it too because, in AHS Asylum there were aliens there and they did jack shit for the plot the whole season (Satan neither).  They were just screwing around with that guy and then he some how made some half alien babies with them. Then… they just abducted his ass at the end and I was like "Sun, what the fuck?"  They served no purpose so, I would love to see them make that shit make sense.

  43. So, a clickbait title for a fan theory based on nothing? Good idea

  44. If there were giant straw men coming after me, I'd be like "Ahh! I'm being chased by every other argument on the internet!"

  45. How did I innocently click on this right after playing Mass Effect 3?

  46. So basically they are taking the crappy ending from Maximum Overdrive. Great.

  47. In my opinion there is no mystery in this season.. We already know the main protagonists are well and alive, because the are being interviewed, and the whole show is a recreation… God I'm so disappointed 😞

  48. Hell yeah… Jessica Chobot! <3

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