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How American Horror Story Season 6 Mirrors Murder House! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

American Horror Story My Roanoke Nightmare keeps bringing the fear and it’s throwing back to season 1 all at the same time! Jessica has the breakdown (WITH SPOILERS) on today’s Nerdist News!

Do you think these leaks are legit? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Eric wasn't killed by the pig man. He was killed in a robbery when one of the robbers thought Eric called him a pig

  2. Isn't the mark of the beast 616

  3. Cordelia from coven couldn't have children relating to the fertility thing

  4. Is nobody going to talk about how Lee's character is the same person from season one. She was the boring patient!

  5. is this coming to netflix ??????

  6. i think next season ties season 3 together cause there are hardly any ties yet.

  7. my opinions on all the AHS seasons.

    Murder house: Awesome, totally hooked me up.
    Asylum: even better, great characters and themes.
    Coven: very interesting, a more "girl power" theme.
    Freakshow: the worst season. not because there was next to no violence, its because the characters and atmosphere was ass.
    Hotel: by far the most brutal of all the seasons, and i love it.
    Roanoke: my favorite BY FAR. whith the whole bloody moon thing and the characters hiding and surviving from the monsters. it was dicktingely good.

  8. Wait was the Pighead man the same one from the Coven?

  9. season 6 was shit

  10. I really wish they would add more to murder house. Every season they got a happy season (in coven they found the supreme and Kyle and Zoe were together) why can't Tate and violet have a happy ending?

  11. I haven't read all the comments yet, I get the connections, but it looks like Murphy did his homework and took this straight from a sad true story absolutely pice by piece: check out Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood in 1987, eerily they never made it to that last 'R' either —–just thought I'd share.

  12. Really wish they didn't do the documentary style with this show, corny as fuck and takes me out of the horror aspect.

  13. Rory was the last letter of murder

  14. There are no coincidences in this show

  15. It might have something to do with the fact that Roanoke was the original theme of season 1. idk.

  16. I always thought season 5 mirrored season 1 a lot

  17. Also in season one episode 3 ( i think ) lee shows up . Talking about how " boring " she is .

  18. Haven't watched any of Roanoke yet, and I'm disappointed to know that this new season is similar to Murder House since that season didn't even make my top three seasons. Also, the pig head thing was barely creepy in the Saw movies — Less so in AHS.

  19. Most interesting thing about this video was finding out that the woman in the background was Lady gaga


  21. ty for the spoiler warning 😂

  22. I recon we see the fertility thing the most in s3/coven when Cordelia tries to get Marie Laveau to do the fertility spell and also tries her own.

  23. they also yell kroatowin I'm not sure how to spell it but Billie dean tells violet that that's how they get rid of pat and the other male ghost

  24. I'm so hooked! I just started watching the serious 2 weeks ago and i'm all caught up! So much makeup inspiration!

  25. R Franklin finishes the word MURDER that they didn't finish :OOO

  26. she left out how in season one violet had tried to use "croatoan" to make the unwanted sprits leave.

  27. In AHS there are no coincidences

  28. Ryan Murphay: Ok, so this season…..
    Evan Peters: Oh, God…Here we go…
    Ryan Murphay: No, no, you're gonna love it….just listen!
    So…..PIG MAN, Evan. You. are….PIG MAN
    Evan Peters: (chugs liquor to stifle his internal screaming)

  29. I wasn't sure I was going to like this season because the first episode sucked but it's great now

  30. Eric Stonestreet's character, Derek, was actually shot by a burglar NOT by "piggy man". So the SPOILER ALERT he does die but not by who this woman says!

  31. Her voice Is annoying

  32. Disappointing season 6. Who came up with this story line? Who cares about  settlers and a few dead pigs. The documentary style was unnecessary and makes it boring. I'm out….

  33. Jessica, you are a very good announcer and speaker but just one small thing. You tend to say a long "a" when you say the word a. Normally, the word a should sound like "uh". Is this just a regional thing or am I the only one bothered by this? To me it makes you seem like you are reading off cards, and I doubt that you speak like that in real life….. or do you?

  34. Omg it's said roan – oak?? I've been saying it Ron o kee

  35. the word Croatoan was in season 1 as well. violet was screaming it at chad in the basement while throwing his watch in the fire.

  36. Oh my gosh imagine Tate comes back?! Love.

  37. Hmm doesn't seem like anything more than natural connections to me since both seasons are about murder houses, I'm waiting for the big twist though so far its been a bit "same-y"

  38. I think coven and freaks how were the worst two. like bad bad I don't know which I hated more. Hotel was my fave by far which most hate, than murder house than asylum the other shit two bleh. I feel this one is gonna suck just as much

  39. Still don't care about AHS. Cari Dee is more Horrific than anything they can think up.

  40. I honestly thought AHS died after the disaster that was freakshow. Hotel was an improvement. Roanoke is a revival! Its not as iconic as Coven but its definitely second best for me already.

  41. I think that they are telling the story of the medium in murder house

  42. I lasted 30 minutes into the 1st episode and said, "I'm out". No meat, no bones to the story and got bored pretty quickly. Then binge watched Coven. Now I'm happy.

  43. Why the parallels to murder house?

    No more ideas?

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