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How All 7 Seasons Of American Horror Story Are Connected!



American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy revealed that every season of the horror anthology share a connected universe. With over 7 seasons, it can get a little confusing to try to keep track of all the characters. Greg and Ryan are here to examine each season’s storylines, setting and characters.

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  1. What our updated video! How all 8 seasons are connected!

  2. Lust= Apocalypse
    Violence= 1984

  3. You know what could be a great season idea. A hotel 2 but in the hotel where Elisa Lam died. That hotel apparently is super shady and had lots of deaths, serial killer quests, and suspicious characters. That's just up AHS lane.

  4. I keep it juicy juicy

  5. Salem Massachusetts is sill Salem, Ma . Danvers is a different town close by

  6. Now that 9 seasons are done. Does the Dantes inferno theory fit? Do apocalypse and 1984 cover lust and violence? Or are we just forcing them to fit? If they do all fit is there more to it? And what is it?

  7. soo im guessing violence would be 1984 and lust is Apocalypse

  8. How can Dr Montgomery be an ancestor to Madison if his children didn't live on to a adulthood to have their own children??

  9. Why is the first supreme still alive?

  10. Is there any roots of Dandy Moots family? Really want to know how he relates to devil as michael langdon


  12. I guess AHS1984 would be violence?

  13. As far as the 9 circles of hell theory goes 1984 is definitely Violence

  14. AHS is just a mess now. I don't know what they can do, it keeps getting worse and worse.

  15. I lived in Jupiter, Florida for a decade ( Freak show ) and I've been to jail in Roanoke.

  16. I wanth to see seson 10 i em curios !!! Wath is gonana be

  17. That last theory is just a twisted way if explaining reincarnation

  18. Lady Gaga did such a good job in season 5!

  19. And then there’s apocalypse which links coven and murder house

  20. When they showed the Kardashian’s after saying “people with no talent be on tv” I SCREAMEDDDDD

  21. Eddie Murphy reference 10/10

  22. That's what works for us freaks, we get blamed for everything.

  23. all evil come from Massachusetts

  24. You know you guys should update this video again following Evan Peters characters bc thinking about Season 7 when Evan’s character was talking alot of different men of power who murdered people and killed himself for invalid reasons . That may tie the knots in all of these 🤷🏾‍♀️

  25. Sister Mary Eunice was possessed by the devil, not just any old demon

  26. The circus was in Boston?! That's crazy

  27. The travel route of Murder House is the same as Elizabeth Short "The Black Dahlia". Her travel route was also from Massachusetts to Los Angeles which is a very strange coincidence and many "American Horror Story" fans didn't even notice.

  28. If that 9 circles theory is true then, AHS 1984 is going to be slasher themed…Violence. Hell, depending on how you look at it, it could be Lust as well.

  29. Filling in those other circles of the inferno, Apocalypse easily takes the Violence slot and 1984 with it's slasher theme can be Lust. However…The show has a 10th season…What is this 10th's circle?

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