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Hot Summer Nights | Official Trailer HD | A24


From Elijah Bynum and starring Timothée Chalamet, Maika Monroe, and Alex Roe. Hot Summer Nights – Now available for rent or purchase (links below).

RELEASE DATE: July 27, 2018
DIRECTOR: Elijah Bynum
CAST: Timothée Chalamet, Maika Monroe, and Alex Roe

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Featuring the song “I’m So Free” by Beck:



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  1. Woah elio went crazy after oliver

  2. somebody stop sending him away for the summer

  3. * slap! * "Cops can't do that."

    In what world are you living where cops cannot assault people?

  4. Oliver is quaking rn 🤭

  5. Maia Mitchell is in all these weed and young adults growing bad movies (this, big time adolescence)

  6. this movie SUCKED i only watched it because timmy was in it. 💀

  7. I remember watching this before when I didnt even know who chalamet was and now I'm like duuuuude that's him how the hell

  8. this movie ruined me

  9. Annnnnnd once again, we saw the entire movie right there.. thanks trailer


  11. The beginning is looking like 13 meets american honey, but the end looking like goodfellas meets true romance!😜

  12. So is this movie worth watching?

  13. Can!

  14. Why I cant find these in netflix? Is there anyone too? Hmmm

  15. There needs to being a follow up on this movie!

  16. If this was on Netflix sooo many more people would watch and know about it😩

  17. I would watch this movie just for alex roe he is so hot…

  18. Not complaining but how many comments are NOT about Tim….. or….Elio …

  19. Here because of Maia mitchell

  20. when my mom sent me away i just cried and was severely depressed

  21. such a beautiful boy timothee!❤️

  22. Timothee and A24? it’s perfect

  23. That guy looks like brandon walsh

  24. Enjoy hating u haters…can't change the fact that Timmy is blooming gradually.

  25. Es un papasito jajaja

  26. why did the movie have to end like that.

  27. Mahone

  28. damn that weed guy is FINEE

  29. I ove him so much

  30. why did they show the whole movie? like Why???

  31. who else obsessed with timothèe?

  32. Where can I watch the entire movie??

  33. Okay but the comments tho. Why is everyone obssesed with Timothee hes is a skinny guy plus not that good looking🤷🏼‍♂️

  34. Isn’t he from a tv show?

  35. I just watched a movie of how Timothee Chalamet become the King of England and now there's this one showing me Timothee Chalamet Pablo Escobar version.

  36. I can watch timothee being straight.


  38. Does anyone else hate this movie only because of its ending

  39. Am I the absolutely only person that came here for Alex?! Why is every single comment about Timothee Chalamet?!

  40. oh this movie is a cliché

  41. Breaking bad 2

  42. Thomas Jane!

  43. yang cowok main little women

  44. Anyone know the song that starts at 1:26

  45. 💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏

  46. What’s the song that girl plays on the piano

  47. This movie wasn’t that good

  48. Nice movie 💋👌

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