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Hiking Ba Ho Waterfall – Nha Tran, Vietnam

We finally got to indulge in our long, lost love of HIKING with a exploration hike to Ba Ho Waterfalls in Nha Trang. Several blogs, videos, and IG pages inspired us to go because it was known for its natural, untouched beauty. See why our visit was just in the nick of time!! Timing is everything…..

Come and be a part of the adventure!!
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Come & be a part of the adventure!!






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Gia Đình Nhỏ Hạnh Phúc To – Bé Bảo An – Nhạc Thiếu Nhi Hay Cho Bé

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  1. Did same 2 weeks ago, wow!! way more walking and climbing than advertised lol, but the feeding fish relieve your feet at the 1st one hahaha

  2. Please return to Ba Ho Waterfall so that we can see the completion of the construction project or periodically for an update. Happy trails to you two. Wonderful video–entertaining and informative.

  3. Not doing the climb, but I am looking at hitting up Nha Trang in a couple weeks. You will have to tell me about the city. Looks like fun….and a lot of work!!

  4. I like this video. Keep them coming! I found it generally interesting to watch and listen to. I have kind of a new channel what I'm also working on Outdoor Adventure videos with philosophical topics. I'd love any feedback or even possibly a sub if you don't mind checking out my channel. Thanks.

  5. So you had an obstacle course first… And now that you are all hot and sweaty…enjoy the falls! Got it. ✔

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