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Frances Conroy Talks Angel of Death in American Horror Story!

Frances Conroy American Horror Story interview about playing the Angel of Death, working with Ryan Murphy, and doing whatever Ryan writes in the script for season 3!
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Hosted/Produced By: Deidre Behar



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  1. I love her

  2. Frances doesn't get enough attention. She's such a great actress.

  3. She was brilliant in six feet under also! She will always be Ruth fisher to me ❤️

  4. amazing actress

  5. are her eyes different colours? trippy.

  6. All my friends: crying because jessica won't be in season 5 Me: crying because Frances won't be in season 5

  7. This was the best role next to her character she played in ahs coven

  8. She went to Julliard with Robin Williams. Therefore equal to superherodome.

  9. I think that prison bitch that Frances played was the devil, when she took the spirits of that nun, forgot her name, and the devil? The devil was still inside her for that moment.

  10. UNDERESTIMATED!!! ……least said of the gr8 Frances!!!!

  11. She got a different voice

  12. OMG i can see Myrtle in her

  13. I love Franny!

  14. She is a great actress makes her characters in AHS very super most I like her character as an angel of death. But even as Myrtle Snow cookie cutter with the limonene

  15. Who the hell was the other character she played? The prison ring leader…. That was never explained.


  17. great actress. first time ive seen her was on american horror story season 1. she was my fav charachter

  18. Whoa!! her voice is sweet and sexy

  19. Her voice is so soft when she played shachat

  20. Love her.

  21. dat voice

  22. Barney's mom

  23. I LOVE HER! 

  24. Does anyone know what happened to her eye? I remember seeing her on the Crucible, which was made back in the mid 90's, and it wasn't like that.

  25. Frances is a godess

  26. I love this lady


  28. Shes perfect. And I love how her eye is actualyy foggy irl.


  30. Foxy Franny!

  31. she is so brilliant….I was a little disappointed when I first started watching asylum that she was missing…I neednt have worried….keep writing Ryan Murphy, I cant get enough!

  32. What a classy, beautiful woman! One of my favorite actresses of the entire series!

  33. Am I the only one that thinks that its cool that she played a charecter named Ruth on six feet under and that she will be playing a character named Ruth on coven?

  34. Haha Frances seems like such a sweet lady. I wish she was my grandmother or would come to me before I died.

  35. would really love for her to be one of the main witches in season three!

  36. LOVE HER!!!

  37. RUTH FISHER !!!!!!! 😀 !

  38. she's so beautifulllllll omg frances <3

  39. it was such a refreshing way to approach the whole Angel of Death character…as something comforting and not needing to be feared. I loved that!

  40. Ruth Fisher all the way!

  41. She looks like my mom and the angel of death looks like my grandmother…WOW!!!

  42. Beautiful woman, wow

  43. Loved her since Six Feet Under 🙂

  44. She's so adorable

  45. Franny is my favorite! She brings so much grace into the show, it's so soothing to watch her… I'd love her to come for me when I die 😉

  46. Ruth Fisher!

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