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Explicit Innocence | 동정없는 세상 [KBS Drama Special / 2016.10.30]

– Cast: Lee Jooseung, Kang Minah, Yoon Yoosun, Min Sungwook, Jang Yoosang, Kim Woohyuk, Lee Kangwook, Park Cheolmin, Jeong Irang
– Synopsis: To 19-year-old Cha Junho, there’s something much more urgent than his grades, future dreams, or college. It is to lose his virginity. He begs and pleads his girlfriend Seogyeong, but why is the world so cruel? She seems willing at one moment but then backs off. Will Junho’s wish come true before the year is over?
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  1. I love kdrama i love korea

  2. 一开始就这么劲爆

  3. Is that mahatma gandhi 13🙄. Who all are noticed it and watching Korean serials from India

  4. At first, I thought the girl from the intro was jisoo or Nancy 🤣

  5. cute couple of the year goes to them 😍😘💗😢

  6. only 1 episode ?

  7. they talk about it like they're talking about game

  8. wow the cast's name is cha junhooo😂😂
    jd kangen junho….

  9. Phim j v ạ

  10. Thunmnail?

  11. Thumbail?

  12. Penasaran tp gk ad sub indo nya 🙁

  13. what's the name of that drama

  14. 누구든지이 영화의 이름을 알고 있습니까

  15. Sub indo nya .. annying

  16. Đéo có viet sub à

  17. Its a very nice story !!! very realistic & educational . hope it be an opener to us- all teenager the value of life , dreams & future.

  18. Can someone tell me the title of the song in the last part?

  19. Как называется дорама скажите пожалуйста??

  20. Shuhua yeonwoo.!

  21. LMAO It's more like a comedy movie tho HAHAHAHA

  22. Who's watching in may 2020

  23. 1:19 when i realize that this girl is cha ah hyun of A-TEEN😅

  24. So they didn't fuck?😂

  25. Lol tis kids so eagerly wanted to have sex but when the time come he got afraid 🤣🤣😂


  27. Sub español. Plisss

  28. qual o nome do dorama ??? e onde posso assistir?

  29. Apa judul filmny?

  30. that boy is literally me 😳

  31. I wonder which school has such kinda teachers who are so Frank with kids lol…😥

  32. American pie?

  33. 15:55 Blackpink whistle

  34. Subrang nakkapagod panurin wlang kwenta😜

  35. Story is simpe but it's cute. Not a waste of time for me though I've skip some parts where the story is just dragging itself.

  36. 各位绅士大家好

  37. Donde lo puedo encotrar xfa

  38. Who watch it in quantity

  39. I wish a had a girlfriend like her… someday 😊

  40. What the title???

  41. 16:03 OMG!! ITS BLACKPINK'S WHISTLE!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  42. Hentaigif

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