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Everything Wrong With American Horror Story "Pilot"

American Horror Story is for sure American, but we aren’t quite sure about how much actual horror or story is involved. One thing we do know is involved? Sins.

Next week we file in some time for some extraterrestrial sins.

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  1. PleAse do Slasher

  2. Yeah there’s a lot of cliches but I mean come on, it’s litterly called “American horror story”

  3. Looking in peoples windows is punishable by death in Florida

  4. Giving your social security number on medical forms is not normal or necessary

  5. Anti-depressants are often anti-psychotics. In fact, most prescription drugs in those two groups are prescribed based on their side effects as well as their main effect.

    A good example of a drug used for both its effect and side effect is diphenhydramine.
    Diphenhydramine is in allergy medication and sleeping medication. It is an antihistamine and it makes you drowsy.

  6. O'hara literally explains why men see her like that. She says that men are immature and see her how they want to see her.

  7. American Horror Story is so bad and Satanic I'll just say I'm getting the fuck out of here so I won't go to hell. it's so bad it doesn't even need to be made fun of I'll just disappear as the show should.

  8. 1:30 if it was that then I’m pretty sure it would qualify as an scp.

  9. 0:36 asshole kids bullying the weirdface mentally disabled little girl and the little girl next have horror powers in horror genre clichè

  10. 3:17 or it could be an interesting twist. Maybe their hinting at something psychologically wrong with her

  11. 8:22 David shwimmer

  12. Having sex with another woman in your bed isn’t an accurate “I screwed up”

  13. Anti-depressants get prescribed for psychosis and anti-psychotics get prescribed for depression. Just letting you know

  14. You should of removed all the sins for the queen Jessica Lange herself 🙌🏻

  15. Violet is Vera Farmiga's sister lol

  16. Who thinks Adelaide(the little girl in the beginning) is like so cute she looks precious

  17. thought this video was actually gonna be good but it’s really just you bitching and moaning at every little scene with no explanation why.

  18. As a psych major, I can tell you that antidepressants are sometimes used alongside antipsychotics, when treating psychosis.

    The more you know!

  19. I watched this show as a parody and thought it was fantastic. Also, the whistling song Twisted Nerve is a reference to an older TV show by the same name.

  20. what no offbrand weasley twins joke about the boys?

  21. He is sinning his opinions. Like half the sins are actual sins

  22. Unknown “suiter” I’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. “Dylan Mcdermbutt” lololololololol

  24. I immediately got ready to defend this show cause I am emotionally attached.

  25. I, a 12 year old, have several questions about this particular pilot… WTF 😐

  26. The whistle song from Kill Bill is originally from the 1968 film Twisted Nerve ding

  27. Can’t even begin to understand this show.

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