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Everything Wrong With American Horror Story: Coven "Bitchcraft"

Ryan Murphy just keeps doing new seasons on American Horror Story, and we’re more than happy to keep sinning them. This time we find the copious sins in the season three debut of Coven “Bitchcraft”.

Next Monday we sin the pilot of a long running sitcom that has maybe outlived it’s name, as well as continue sinning our fans’ favorite episodes of Friends on Thursday!

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  1. Being fucked to death still seems like a good way to go out

  2. Jeremy thinking Angela Bassett is the sh*t is the reason I always look forward them doing her projects 😂😂😂

  3. Unfortunately, Marie Delphine Macarty/Madame Delphine LaLaurie was a real 'woman' that did some TRULY Horrific things!

  4. It's a safe haven for witches that we welcome by holding down on a sacrificial alter then plunge a dagger next to your face and say Chill jeez when you freak out about it.

  5. Can we take a sin off for Emma Roberts .. the woman is stunningly gorgeous

  6. AHS CROATIA https://youtu.be/uUJu4upqyRw

  7. Left out mad stuff smh

  8. American borer story nonsense 😆

  9. There is nothing wrong with this season

  10. WTF is TnA? Tits 'n' Ass? I really don't know.

  11. That wasn't a field trip, it was cuz your patents owed money to the city…..

  12. OK, you made me laugh, I won't Curse you…this time..

  13. Oh hoooo, as a Witch, from the bottom of my Heart,, it's ON!!! Bring it Sin's boy….

  14. Angela basset is fine as hell

  15. With this out of the way, The rest of my watch later is nothing but everything wrong with GoT and friends.

  16. I love how there's no asylum episode because it's too good to sin

  17. Is there gonna be one for every season tho?

  18. YES!!!

  19. Moral of the video, This Youtuber knows nothing, this episode was perfect. Flawless victory Kanye West voice

  20. The albinos were there because in some cultures they are believed to have magical protection powers.

  21. I'm more intrigued by these ex girlfriends every time I hear more. You've sure had some experiences by the sound of it.

  22. I know he didn't call American horror story bad with this channel lol

  23. Do American horror story freakshow

  24. For my money, this show is total dogshit. You can literally guess 100% of the story beats by just thinking "what's the opposite of the expected outcome of this scene?" It's so "unpredictable" that it's completely predictable. Plot holes everywhere, stuff left unexplained that makes no sense, etc etc. No one could save writing like this.

  25. Jus look at dis woddle😭😭😭

  26. I only watched face off because Dominique Swain

  27. For me it’s that anytime a girl goes missing they don’t even care till like 5 episodes later fr😞

  28. Someone really doesn't like Ryan.
    This whole review is like a meme, and you know very few memes are funny.

  29. To be honest, I watch CinemaSins like I watch Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation. I just accept the assumed fact that they don't like anything, and so I disregard opinions and just laugh at the jokes.

    That being said, I completely disagree that AHS is bad. At least not the first 3 seasons (that's as far as I've watched so far)

  30. Sometimes they add a sin for the dumbest crap. It’s starting to feel like they add sins just for the sake of having a high sin count.

  31. My 3rd fav AHS after Murder House and Asylum! 😆
    I hope one day you will try to do a sin counter on Breaking Bad, Hannibal, House MD, and Sherlock. My all time fav tv show

  32. i feel like youre reaching with this one but idk

  33. Yes! AHS story!

  34. Best tv sin opening ever

  35. Season 2 (Asylum) is my favorite.

  36. Lol ppl love to think of slavery in this country as an afterthought don't you? Delphine was a real evil bitch…

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