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every serial killer portrayed in american horror story

I hope my videos can take your mind off what is happening in the world right now as we’re all staying inside and at home. make sure you watch my ranking of every american horror story season!

ASYLUM | 8:27
COVEN | 10:57
HOTEL | 14:18
ROANOKE | 16:56
CULT | 18:19
1984 | 22:48


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  1. I understand not wanting to glamorize or romanticize murderers, but at the same time, I think it's important to remember that there are plenty of killers that are very attractive, charming, and alluring. I think it's better to show that aspect of murderers, than to portray every "bad guy" like a cartoon villain, or a monstrous creature that's disgusting and unattractive. It's a lesson I've struggled to teach my children; that danger doesn't always look or seem dangerous.

  2. The fascinating thing about Manson is he never physically killed anyone. He just sent people to do his dirty work.

  3. I stg the song Hotel California was the main inspiration for AHS Hotel. Just listen to the lyrics. They fit perfectly

  4. you must be fun at parties

  5. Freakshow

  6. great video! you made some amazing points!! although i do think that the romanticization of killers in the show is less of a writing problem and more of a problem with the fandom (except for SOME cases), but i totally respect your opinion.

  7. What about the Santa killer in Asylum… wasn’t he based on a real life guy who wore a Santa suit to do what he did? I’m rewatching all AHS now and introducing my boyfriend into horror, but thought I’d start with AHS

  8. This comment is not a joke

    So…this…is a thing…that exists. I've seen a lot of videos like this, and I think they need to be called out. I love dark humor, but, yeesh. This is just kind of…eek. Trigger warning: this video is kind of disgusting. Please don't send hate. They're probably twelve, but seriously, don't comment unless it's something that spreads awareness towards the romanticizing of school shootings, and why that's obviously, ya know, bad. Commenting just tells Youtube that that video is something that should be promoted, so choose your words very carefully. Don't call them a sicko or something, because that won't solve anything. Best just not to comment, though.

    Don't romanticize school shootings. It ignores the fact there were actual real life children murdered. I know some people's coping mechanisms are dark humor. This isn't just dark humor. This is ignorant and disturbing. Please be aware that there are children and people with PTSD on this platform that don't like hearing women crying, and don't like hearing gunshots. This isn't some "replacing the drums in some song with gun noises" type video. There are clear and obvious references to a women being shot. Kids aren't as stupid as you think. It's obvious from the comments that the ones watching this video are either "edgy teens" or literal ten year olds. That's the most fragile stage of life.

    If you see this comment, please, please, please spread awareness on this kind of thing, if you have the means. It doesn't seem that bad, but imagine a five year old or someone with PTSD watching this. I have anxiety, and it almost gave me an attack. Once again. TRIGGER WARNING, especially at the end. That's not to try and raise anyone's curiosity. I just want videos like this called out.


  9. I like that they do it that way. Its a horror show, not a documentary

  10. Unfortunately serial killers will always be romanticized, bundy and Ramirez and Dahmer were attractive, and interesting to look into however some take it far and love them, even defend them. Tate, Thredsen, and Dandy were well written characters. Also Asylum is my favourite too and Hotel for Evan Peters' character

  11. coven is the best season for me bc it has so much background ab the history of the witches and how they’re struggling with the current time’s problems

  12. I kinda think with all the cult leader appearances in Cult it was helping to show how absolutely psychotic and delusional Kai is, but I agree it went a little overboard

  13. I do agree with how they romanticize the characters, in 1984 the most recent season I found my self routing for Richard Ramirez, I thought he was attractive and was hoping he wouldn’t die. When he did so many horrible things. I do agree that, that is a problem. But in now a days “sex sells” which I probably why they do it that way

  14. I’m really confused on how they are in the wrong with some of the seasons. You constantly go back and forth with what is considered offensive. Honestly I see nothing wrong, it’s a show, it is an option to watch it. It’s offensive to make it fiction but also to make it too “real”. If you thinks it offensive than I don’t see why you watch it

  15. I don’t agree with this much. I do agree that bringing Jesus in as a cult leader was wrong to do, honestly. But I did watch the entirety because I appreciate opposing thought processes 🙂

  16. i’m curious to know who tf mr.jingles was based on

  17. The person Jimmy darling was based off, the "lobster boy", payed someone to committ a murder but he did not himself murder anyone.

  18. idk about y'all but i specifically remember them mentioning several times in the first season that the house essentially possesses people and makes them do terrible things. i believe it was also mentioned that prior to moving into the house tate was very quiet if a little troubled hence why the house had such an effect on him. That said I get what you're trying to say but at the end of the day AHS has always been gruesome and has always pushed the envelope in attempts to make it scary and keep people coming back.

  19. I want to watch this but I’m really annoyed by how much she’s saying it’s romaticized. It’s not AHS, it’s the teens romanticizing it and people not being able to separate fiction from reality. And AHS is famously known for crossing lines. So if you’re not a fan of lines being crossed, it’s not the show for you.

  20. Elizabet actually might have never killed anyone. People accused her of killing because she had so much land and power. They only ever found one corpse.

  21. love it

  22. First time I’ve come across your channel and I love it. I love hearing your opinions even though we might not have the same ones. Can’t wait to see what else you do

  23. Off-topic: I think that one scene with Zachary Quinto and Sarah Paulson is very ironic since they're both gay irl

  24. it just sucks to see some people profit from victims.. they should just be left to rest ya know?

  25. The show was made to entertain, not to inform. I feel like a lot of what was said in this video was more opinionated than informative. There are many documentaries and news clips about a lot of these topics that have real information if that's the sort of thing you're into. Like a book is more detailed and very different from the movie, the show is different from history. The directors didn't say "let's make a show as gory and entertaining as possible, but also keep it factual and 100% real". 😂 I couldn't get through the first 3 people, 7 minutes in and all I've heard is how shitty American horror story is for Romanticism 😂

  26. i think the depiction of the axe men is appropriate because the real killer presented himself as mythical

  27. It’s a tv show…. don’t take it seriously 🤦🏽‍♂️

  28. it's interesting that mental illness in asylum wasn't used to be scary — you were much more afraid of the people caring for them. it reminds me of how in freakshow, they took a community that's typically seen as "scary" and made them the least frightening characters. you were much more afraid of the other people interacting with them.
    it's just cool to see a horror show have whole seasons centered around communities exploited by the genre — but the horror was all from the people considered acceptable by society.

  29. I was pretty conflicted during 1984 because Richard Ramirez’s actor was attractive but I didn’t feel sympathetic to his character at all. Plus I already find Ramirez disgusting so that was conflicting too

  30. I believe the Cortez hotel was not based off of the Cecil Hotel, but H.H. Holmes' hotel that the police dubbed 'The Murder Castle.' You can clearly see the show alluding to Holmes' hotel, both of which featured hallways with doors going nowhere, chutes to quickly hide bodies, soundproof rooms, and secret passageways.

  31. Season 8 was good. I just didn't like how Mr. Jingles wasn't scary anymore. After digging deeper into his story and character, he just got soft to me.

  32. I think, in showing just how dark and violent those killers actions were that it reminds us just how dark people can be. You said,(loosely quoted) "as time goes on we forget how bad they were." And I think the American horror story gives/ shows people how evil they were, and the fiction portrayed will have people looking up and educating themselves on what actually happened and in that they aren't being forgotten. And I don't think how they portray the killers is that far off. Saying they're portrayed as sexual is wrong, it's how they were. They were charming, and were good at convincing their victims that they were good people. It shows the audience that people can be that fake and it's dangerous to trust people so easily.

  33. I think that it's ok if some victims or killers are portrayed in ahs because its gets you to think and you might look up the cases but too much of anything is not good and the victims need to be respected

  34. 19:25 what was that sound..

  35. I totally get your points and agree with some of them, but for me I am still able to separate the actual crimes and the fictional ones in my mind and I just have an interest in finding out how the directors are going to portrait them.
    Also I personally romanticize more the actors than the characters, for example, I know what tate did and also storys of the horrible shootings irl and everything, but I like tate cause it's played by evan peters , Idk if you get me? lol its not like I feel for Tate its more of an appreciation of evan's work or smth, same thing with the other killers and actors who played them.

  36. can you make another video like this but without your opinion because i think one with the facts would be cool

  37. I'm Hungarian so I learnt about Erzsebet in primary school. I got really horrified by her actions then.

  38. They romanticized Richard Ramirez so much. That dude didn’t get see a dentist until he was in prison. Don’t romanticize him. He was gross man who did terrible things and was walking around with a mouth full of rotting teeth.

  39. What are your thoughts on 13rw when the boy is about to start a school shooting

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