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Evan Peters On His Craziest Scene In "American Horror Story" – CONAN on TBS

Evan has done some weird stuff on “American Horror Story,” but he thinks pleasuring himself in front of Billy Eichner is the craziest thing he’s done — so far.

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  1. It's SOO crazy bcuz I started watching AHS and 1st season I could not believe it cuz my son looks almost identical to him I was 😲 shocked! I just love him he's a great actor

  2. Out of all of them I’d think the high school massacre would be the most difficult to do but wow

  3. Best actor in this generation❤️

  4. he's so hot

  5. Omfg I love him

  6. Yes

  7. dem eyes r scary

  8. I love him

  9. LMAO that hand

  10. I’m furious they never made a quicksilver movie with him :/ directors probably would’ve fucked up the writing anyways. A movie shout quicksilver with him would’ve been amazing

  11. He should have played Pennywise.

  12. "Just when you think you've done it, they top it." Sounds like the Trump Presidency.

  13. He has this intense almost crazy stare and smile …. so fucken hot.

  14. A perfect male specimen

  15. Dude kinda looks like the guy from Clockwork Orange

  16. It's because of him that I continued to watch AHS. Every season I look forward to what type of guy he's going to have me fall in love with. My favorite is when he had that blond ponytail hairdo.

  17. Tate mmmmm

  18. Am I bogus for always remembering Evan peters from Phill of the future ? Lol

  19. evil justin bieber version🙈

  20. Evan peters comes off as the kinda guy where he’d murder a bunch of people, go to jail and still have a bunch of bitches on him

  21. Evan Peters has crazy eyes

  22. He has the crazy eyes…open wide

  23. You’re a perverted mind…Most of Hollywood

  24. Almost everyone in this comment section is a hoe 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Evan is a great actor of our time .

  26. Why did he shave his hair now he looks eviler

  27. He sounds like chucky

  28. He’s cute but he is not Sarah Paulson

  29. This dude hands down is the best actor on ahs really did love him singing come as you are 😍😍

  30. Love him…..

  31. All the preteens love his character. He shot up a school and raped someone. It's disgusting to think women love the character. Wtf.. he was a good actor though

  32. I don remember of this masturbation scene. Can someone remember which episode?

  33. man he looks like he came out of the horror film and like taking a break time or someshit…das creepy

  34. He shot up the school but I'll let him shoot babies up in me

  35. The list is endless oj oj oj

  36. What did he do?

  37. Nice but and dylan mcdermott in season 1 who's had to do as well while he's looking on the window and crying. kkkk

  38. Why has no one noticed that he looks like the streetballer “The Professor”

  39. Even looks hot with a short hair cut.

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