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Emperor Taizong and the Rise of the Tang Dynasty DOCUMENTARY

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Our new animated historical documentary will describe the Rise of the Tang Dynasty in China and the reign of Taizong, who managed to build a strong realm that ruled China and beyond for a few centuries, reopened the Silk Road and defeated the Gokturks.

This video was suggested by our patron Qihan Long. He also helped in the translation of the Chinese sources and have created the subtitles for the video

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The video was made by our friend Oğuz Tunç while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis.

This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

Machinima for this video was created by Malay Archer on the Total War: Attila 2

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Denis Twitchett and John Fairbank: The Cambridge History of China – Volume 3: Sui and Tang China (2008)
Old Book of Tang

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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  1. This video is like a prequel for our video on the An Lushan rebellion, check it out next: and if you like our work, support us on Patreon: or Paypal:

  2. Born in wuhan

  3. 鮮卑関土耳其人什麽關係 我的媽呀。。。

  4. I've had dreams about this guy since before I knew he existed.

  5. About Li Shimin's rivalry with his brothers, there are historical records state that it was his brothers who tried to kill him first. A few months before the Xuanwu gate incident, Li Shimin was badly poisoned by Li Jiancheng's underlings,but he survived in the end. This incident strengthened Shimin's resolve to eliminate Li Jiancheng

  6. One seemingly small trait about Tang Taizong that's often overlooked is that he actually accepted criticism for his rule. These days, as we mostly live in republics, we expect leaders to be able to handle criticism, but in those days, getting caught criticizing the emperor would often mean death. Yet here's Taizong, the son of heaven, who allowed himself to be criticized openly and didn't threaten to silence the dissenters. Talk about a guy who was well ahead of his time!

  7. 14:53 Goguryeo.
    Not Goryeo.

  8. three kingdom wei wu shu pls

  9. But finally failed conquering korea 🙏

  10. Communist China ought to take a look into their own history or perhaps they turn a blind eye to it because they’ve strayed drastically off course.

  11. Very surprised to see Taizong in youtobe😂😂😂

  12. Except he wasn't Han Chinese but a mixed ethnic person. Tang dynasty was an actually multi-ethnic empire.

  13. My Fave Emperor of china..! Perhaps the GREATEST & WISEST too…!!!! TOO BAD such an EMPEROR was very RARE & BETWEEN..A TRAGEDY, indeed !!

  14. great narrative. Just as a reminder, the map was wrong.

  15. Taizong sounds like a mighty impressive ruler and man. One can't help but admire him. As do I. My compliments to those who made this video a reality. Because this was a good video to watch.

  16. Little Goryeo successfully defeated the mighty Taizong in defense…kinda makes me proud…☺️

  17. Being a westerner, I love learning about European history. However, it’s also very intriguing learning about cultures that are essentially a world away.

    Thank you, K&G, for this excellent video about the Tang!

  18. Emperor Taizong is not a specific person. Taizong(太宗) is a common 庙号(a form of title for emperors), and there are many Taizong's throughout Chinese history. By saying Taizong, it is like saying the HRH, and by itself does not really point to a person. If you are referring to Li Shimin(李世民), he should be called Tang Taizong(唐太宗).

  19. Taizong is not a turk!!!

  20. Tang Dynasty is so famous in the whole Chinese history. The Chinese diaspora communities around the world aka "Chinatown" is called "唐人街 Tang Ren Jie" in Chinese is translates into Tang people street.

  21. how can ppl not know about Tang Dynasty, many parts of Asia were heavily influenced by Tang. At its peak, it was the most powerful empire on the planet, in almost all aspects, military, technology, literature, arts and economy.

  22. Could u plz make some episode about Ming?

  23. taizong is not actually a name。。。。。。。

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