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Emma Roberts on American Horror Story Season 3 DETAILS!

Emma Roberts on American Horror Story season 3 DETAILS!
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Emma Roberts Heading to American Horror Story Coven!

Yet another A-list talent has been added to the American Horror Story: Coven cast— 22 year old Emma Roberts.

The Scream 4 star will join the show for it’s much-hyped third season, which we all know is centered this time around on witches!

According to TV Line, she’ll play a “self-involved party girl named Madison.”

Like Roberts, other new-comers on the show include Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Patti LuPone, and Gabourey Sidibe.

The rookies will join AHS veterans Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, Taissa Farmiga, oh and of course, Roberts’ real life boyfriend, the handsome Evan Peters.

Now, in other AHS news, it’s a pretty exciting day for the cast and crew, who just learned they’re leading the pack with the most Critics’ Choice TV Awards!

Our favorite show landed 6 nominations, with 5 of them honoring the immensely talented actors.

Jessica Lange in the best actress category, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe in the best supporting actress category, James Cromwell and Zachary Quinto in the best support actor category, and of course, the show is nominated for best mini series.

So there’s obviously a lot going on here… you guys can tell how excited I am for AHS to return to the airwaves, I’m sure!

Tell me below in the comments section if you think Emma Roberts is a good addition to the cast, and which new actor you’re most excited to see get all creepy and weird on-screen.

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  1. Emma Roberts is the best actress

  2. Emma was great she was meant to play the role of a bitch and she did it perfectly because all you haters think she is a bitch. hello she was acting the part.

  3. This bitch didn't pronounce a SINGLE name of a cast member correctly. Do your damn research you're a fucking journalist. 

  4. love emma and this show

  5. LMAO. Clearly you're wrong.

  6. she died on the third episode, sad

  7. She's hot, nuff said 😛

  8. Emma rocked the first episode despite being placed in the shadow of Evan and Taissa from the start.

    At one point you may just have to admit you dislike her as a person rather than an actress.

  9. i agree gaele, i felt so bad for her

  10. She was amazing in last's night episode, I'm gland she killed those fuckers

  11. i luv emma, haters to the left

  12. I love Emma, so I wish people would stop.

  13. I personally love Emma. She was great in valentines day and scream 4. However I am hesitant about her part in AHS. I guess well all just have to wait and see!

  14. Ariana shut the fuck up.

    Emma Roberts was great in It's Kind of a Funny Story. I can't wait to see how she'll do in AHS.

  15. To all these people saying she is good for the show cause she was great in Scream 4. Ya'll are a bunch of liars. She was utter shit.The best part of her performance was when she was dead and not acting. She's a horrible actress. She has no credibility and it doesn't help when your Aunt is an oscar winner and your dad is an actor. Plus her BF is in the show. I mean come on, you have Jessica lange,Angela Basset, Then you have Emma Roberts. Makes no sense to me

  16. I think that Angela Bassett is going to SLAY… i don't know why you guys failed to include such a great actress in all this talk about the new characters on the show. I'm so excited for it. And angela bassett because god knows she can act her boots off.

  17. can we all try to trust ryan murphy's decision to pick emma? he is a genius..

  18. did she thank her boyfriend evan peters to helped her get the gig

  19. I enjoyed seeing her in Scream 4 (especially the part where she runs into the picture frame).

  20. It just doesnt feel right having her on the show, being mysterious and creepy is what i love about the show and i dont see any of those in emma.

  21. This isn't a show for Emma Roberts, at allllllllllllllllllll.

  22. Not sure about emma roberts… hope she doesnt have a big part

  23. omfg im so excited

  24. They all hate Emma Roberts because she beat up and bit her boyfriend(Evan Peters aka Tate).

    I'd let her bite me. _

  25. Ok i don't know much about emma roberts so could someone explain to me why everyone hates her??

  26. I don't approve of Emma Roberts.

  27. "(Evan Peters plays Kyle, one of the Greeks who crushes on Zoe)." YESS!!!!! Straight from Entertainment Weekly.

  28. It's just disappointing to see Emma Roberts intrude on a show that was doing so well without her, just because her boyfriend was doing well.
    She just shouldn't be in it. Let Evan be!!

  29. why everyone hate emma roberts. wat did she do that make people so dislike her. i like her it great she appear in this show. i don't like taissa. everyone like her cuz in seaon 1 she and evan play as a couple. oh please you guys get over it.

  30. I hate emma Roberts she shouldn't be a main character damn

  31. Stooooopppppp i'm excited to see her!

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