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Easter Eggs That Connect All Of American Horror Story Together

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Each season of American Horror Story has been unique from the rest, but there are still some major common threads running throughout the anthology installments that definitely tie this hit thriller series together. Between recurring characters, locations, and clever references scattered throughout, there are plenty of Easter eggs that connect all six chapters of American Horror Story together…

Familiar faces | 0:19
Not just a name | 1:15
Theoretical throwbacks | 2:00
Running rules | 2:38
Thematic threads | 3:12
Visual cues | 3:37
Sinful significance | 4:20

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  1. I just got an ad with taissa in it

  2. So sad that the last 3 seasons sucked. 😐

  3. Um the kid pepper “killed” wasn’t hers it was her sisters who framed her she didn’t kill anyone

  4. The name game

  5. Do you think when the new witch turned back time a million different ways life would have replayed out…the worlocks house was murder house was hotel cortez….

  6. Love that Jon Snow Refrence

  7. I stopped watch in the middle of the 3 rd season. I tired watching hotel but lost interest.

  8. umm the nurses in murder house weren’t “killer nurses”. they were two girls who weren’t even nurses who were forced to put on nurse outfits and then were soon killed by a guy who broke into their house. i forgot the guy’s name


  10. Youre reaching waaaayyyy too hard man….

  11. Your facts suck. Pepper didn't kill her child or any child. if you want a thumbs up try watching the series.

  12. What a crock of shit!!!!!!!

  13. In my opinion Season 6 Roanoke was the worst season so far

  14. Get your facts straight before you make a video on something, pepper allegedly killed her sisters child not her own, i bet none of you have watched it just googled some stuff and copied and pasted it into a script

  15. It amazes me that u guys fucking like Madison, she’s a stone cold bitch, I even like the idiot Dandy Mott more than her.

  16. I have another one : that urban legend from s1 the man with the pig head/mask was a part of the Polk family.

  17. Bruh all this is bs…. you lost me when you said pepper was commited for killing her own child… smfh

  18. Um the nurses from murder house are different to the nurses from Roanoke

  19. So was AHS Cult (Season 7) that bad? I never watched passed the first episode. I don’t see mention of it in any AHS seasons mash up videos like this

  20. Wes Bentley needs to come back!!

  21. Also dr arden appears at the freak show when elsa talks about her past

  22. Get your facts straight. Pepper didn't kill her own kid.The child that was murdered under her care was her sisters, and it was killed by her sisters husband. Thumbs down for being lazy or uninformed.

  23. After American horror story coven I was done with this tv series!!!

  24. I mean i dont really care but why is everything revolves around sex

  25. Worst season was by far hotel, it was literal trash

  26. That hotel character of evan with the tiny moustache is a LOOK.

  27. You're wrong. Pepper was not committed for killing her own child she was committed for killing me her sister's child. Once I heard that blunder I stopped watching the video. I can't watch your video If you're giving incorrect information.

  28. Was Marcy the the one who sold the hotel also the one who sold the murder house?

  29. The.Nurses.Are.Not.Related.In.Any. Way.So.I.Kindly.Ask.Of.Everyone.To-


    Thank you.


  30. Peppas story was wrong. She 'killed' her nephew and her sister and brother-in-law put her in briarcliff

  31. Oh and in hotel the countess went to visit the murder house and there was a picture of Nora

  32. I found out another easter egg

    Read more

  33. Evan & Taissa are so cute when they act as lovers on Murder House and Coven 😭 I wish they were a thing irl, fuck Emma she’s a brat 😂

  34. oh and I also want to ask after watching season 4 (freak show) was I the only one who was REALLY excited to see the intro for Roanoke but then all it was was ‘My Roanoke nightmare’ I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED!!!

  35. In season 4 of AHS when I realized pepper didn’t drown the baby I was shouting and running around in my house ‘PEPPER IS INNOCENT’ my family thinks I’m crazy

  36. in season five the countess is seen at the murder house where she went to have an abortion(which were done my charles mountgomery, i think?) but instead has her baby

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