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Dominion (2018) – full documentary [Official]

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Dominion uses drones, hidden and handheld cameras to expose the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture, questioning the morality and validity of humankind’s dominion over the animal kingdom. While mainly focusing on animals used for food, it also explores other ways animals are exploited and abused by humans, including clothing, entertainment and research.

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Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Sia, Sadie Sink and Kat Von D, and co-produced by Earthlings creator Shaun Monson. Directed by Chris Delforce. Filmed in Australia, with a global message.

Dominion OST (original score) by Asher Pope:

Subtitle translation credits:

Italian dubbed version available at:



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  1. Where are our government!! How can they allow this to happen?.

  2. I know people that hunt. That kill game for food. You never want an animal to auffer and yeah thats horrible. But it is a necessity, if we went on to farming throughout the world, organic wise, people would starve to death. As long as you put the animal out of its misery quick and humanely, then eat fucking meat. Who fucking cares. Fack off ya vegan pricks.

  3. How do I share this

  4. please stop people…

  5. i havent seen the vid, all i know… from indian background, some Rishi saw the mass cruelty that was going at that time, and would be continued for ages, his decision, he wrote stories in which he showed the gods resurrect through all of the animals one by one, snakes, pigs, peacock(and other birds too,) hybrids, he made many animals like bull, lion as sole vehicles specific to gods, so people started worshipping them, result- it would be thousands of years after their death that 1/3 of india is still vegetarian, of which they dont kill the cows, most of people who have converted are after multiple foreign invasions

  6. 🥩🥓🌭🍗🍖🍕🌮🥘🍤🍣 anyone want some?

  7. Imagine wasting 2 hours of your life on this. Had to stop after 3 mins. Pure bullshit making it seem as if meat Eaters Support this. Obviously this is fucked up but this is just Exaggerated.

  8. I become vegan after this video and I cry every time I watch this video this just so no has right to do these thing to this animals they are alive just like they don’t deserve this. They deserve to live freely and happily like humans do. I can’t there is people like them they should be ashamed and go to jail

  9. Hi I personally eat meat and enjoy it but the way farm animals are treated is unacceptable. I believe us humans should practice ikejime when killing an animal ( most probably spelled wrong ). Our opinions may differ but one things for sure, we should be humane when working with living things.

  10. Reasons why vegans are Hippocrates
    1. Fruit and veg farms spray their crops with pesticides which kill bees which pollinate the plants. Without bees all life on earth will be gone.
    2. To grow the fruit and veg the plants need good soil with good energy a good way for this is 1 compost which takes for ever to breakdown for the amount needed for a farm and the other way for good soil with good energy is fertiliser/munewer (chicken, pig and cow crap) which is easy to get within a day and one day's worth of this from one farm of any animal will bring about 200 bags so how can the animal die by their own waist if they can earn about $600 just for some animal waist

  11. We "humans" deserve more then Covid-19…

  12. Learn how to eat like a bloke this is complete nonsense or else u are just going to be eating trees u bloody giraffes

  13. I have lived on a farm for most of my life and I can promise you that 99 percent of all farms in the entire world are not like what vegans make them look like

  14. U need to eat meat or else you’ll be anorexic and die so I’m going to eat meat every day of my life and slaughter cows

  15. Meat is so good and that cow looks good to eat as well

  16. 00:00 Start
    04:14 Pigs
    23:20 Egg-Laying Hens
    30:50 Broiler Chickens
    41:12 Turkeys
    45:30 Ducks
    53:04 Cows
    1:11:07 Sheep
    1:17:19 Goats
    1:21:58 Fish
    1:26:47 Rabbits
    1:29:24 Minks
    1:30:56 Foxes
    1:32:24 Dogs
    1:37:58 Horses
    1:40:43 Camels
    1:42:16 Mice
    1:43:50 Exotic Animals
    1:46:08 Seals & Dolphins
    1:55:32 Credits

  17. yummy pork

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  19. COCKS.

  20. This has way to less views…

  21. "There is no humane way to kill someone who wants to live"
    That one really got me… I already live vegetarian but as far as possible I will go vegan now
    (I live with my family and it was already hard for them to include my veggie eating)

  22. Know what would fix all those stunning issues? An AR-15 with .300 blackout, 8” barrel, and a suppressor.

    It could all be so much quicker and easier…

  23. Yeah sure they feel pain, but it’s fucking nature, people don’t bitch when a fox eats a rabbit. I just want some food I don’t care if it feels pain. Fucking stupid people. Don’t let yourself get deluded.

  24. Just finished watching. Thank you for making this incredibly important film.

  25. Ngl this film made me hungry af 😳

  26. All I see is food

  27. at 6:00 into this film its WOW fulk ! so sad !

  28. It’s too much, I couldn’t continue. I hope this assholes beating the animals are not what’s really common, but an awful exception… i went vegetarian 4 months ago and now I just can’t understand how people still eat animals, even knowing how badly they are treated.

  29. This so horrifying I have never witnessed something as horrible as this. Humans are truly cruel

  30. Soooo how is this not forbidden by animal abuse laws

  31. This is the most horrifying shit I’ve seen in my life. This is truly brutal

  32. As Persephone said in Hadestown “it ain’t right, and it ain’t natural” I’ve been thinking about what it means to be compassionate lately; the greatest thing you can do for the world right now is to never, ever support this. No, these animals are not human, their intelligence and consciousness is not as heightened as ours, but because we have the capability to be smarter and more empathetic it is our responsibility to make the world as wonderful as it can be. This isn’t what God meant when He said that we have dominion over nature. We could have been such a fantastic species. These animals offer us so much more than just being outlets for our lesser-minded instincts for cruelty. We’re capable of so much good. We need to get it the fuck together.

  33. I think that eating meat is ok, I just think the way they kill the meat and treat/torture the animals is really cruel, if they could treat the animals good before killing them I would feel comfortable eating meat knowing it had a peaceful life.

  34. Humans are the most cruel of all animals.

  35. This is funny

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