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Cowsep Master Yi Montage – Master Yi Main

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Defqwop – Awakening [NCS Release]

Diamond Eyes – Stars [NCS Release]

Ascence – About You [NCS Release]


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  1. 1:20 Lee pyke ahahhabahaha

  2. server việt nam đâu dễ như vậy đâu

  3. Cowsep is good

  4. 1:23 main lee sin

  5. Как найти канал кто играет плиз

  6. 6:51 chill moment

  7. People says Yi is an easy champ though they can’t even tell which trick is he exactly using in the moment. Like timing w to greatly reduce turret damage or to reset autos

  8. https://youtu.be/xBpseSkQq5A

  9. That is exactly what every single yi with mastery 7 does

  10. Montaje Q jitter click

  11. I AM gAy. Why would you say that? Subscribe to undo and be quick time is running out

  12. nice video

  13. What name is the last song?

  14. Guys what is he using that makes his abilities reset on takedown?

  15. campeao nojento

  16. When your summoner name is the title of the video lol

  17. Idol me :3

  18. why u mute cowsep's and replace edm, dont like it. want to hear yi slap

  19. Basic champ

  20. I love it when amazing players turn no-skill champions into the opposite.

  21. como te saco el lee de la ultimate de pike

  22. Noob champs asf must removed from lol, no skills at all

  23. Best

  24. hacks! my yi heals the enemy

  25. It is so annoying re-editing his stuff, u just watched 3-4 of his video and put it on "montage". GREAT WORK. DISLIKE.

  26. Whoever says he didnt learn yi from cowsep he is lying

  27. Cmt 3

  28. I watched all of his plays on his channel but i don’t mind watch them all over again lol

  29. Right click simulator

  30. Wow😮😮

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