Coronavirus Pandemic | In 2015, Bill Gates Predicted World Would Face 'Highly Infectious Virus'

In April 2015 following the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, had predicted that the world would struggle to cope with a highly infectious virus and also warned about its dangers. Unfortunately, it appears that nobody listened to him then, as the world continues to battle with the coronavirus pandemic.

It all happened when Bill Gates participated in a 2015 Ted Talks and revealed his fears of a potential global epidemic. Gates, who has donated 50 million dollars to speed up the development of a coronavirus treatment, had also made an appeal for becoming better prepared to tackle the same. So what did Bill Gates really say in his Ted Talks titled – The Next Outbreak? We’re Not Ready. Watch this video by Sunita Iyer to know more.

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  2. Of course he did, because he owns the patent for this virus and Ebola. That's why he stepped down from Microsoft, they are coming for him and he knows it. You will get what's coming to you Bill and everyone involved!!!

  3. Bill Gates is the founder of Covid 19. The globalist created this Multistrain warfare against humanity to collapse the economy and for purposes of population reduction.

  4. Bill you murderer…you passed out covid 19 plush toy at your meeting in new York in october…your such a nice guy…your the devil..along with all your other devil buddies

  5. Bill Gates is a very generous and kind man, he warned about the pandemic he wanted the world to be ready.

  6. Now you accept your mistakes. You see this is what you should be reporting all this years. Yet you kept on reporting useless film actors/actresses and politics.

  7. He funded this virus…he is pro depopulation

  8. Ibola? Bil gits

  9. i don't trust this man

  10. Given the history of pandemics, an easy prediction to make.

  11. These comments have severely lowered my IQ

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Af6b_wyiwI

  13. he was invited to join this project,
    but he reject it and choose to bring his money for health cure corona project

  14. Bill Gates owns the Coronavirus patient. Could he be held liable if he can profit from the virus.

  15. Make the virus first. Make the vaccine later!

  16. I support everyone commenting here but I'm not able to find this website or any website for this henious crime of depopulation

  17. America is evil. You better run to Jesus.

  18. I predict yet another virus pandemic in 2025.
    Let's see if I'm right.
    Also, one in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024.

  19. I don't know why she needs to talk on the video when its very clear, bill gates totally knew about the virus. Also John Hopkins prepared a simulation of the same before the outbreak. I never knew that Bill was also into predictions/fortune telling.

  20. Heavy accent

  21. Ben birşey anlamadım çevirin şunu

  22. Because he wants to make billions with a vaccine. This is why they make the virus 1st

  23. Wow.. I am so glad for this video and grateful for the woman who made it.. thank you

  24. Of course hi warn the people about virus cuz hi might the person who made it
    First is not the poor people who are killing our world is the rich asshole like him
    Second you cannot do what you want just cuz you have money you can keep those money a wipe you ass
    Third poor people are the one who made you rich

  25. All billionaires are in on it (yes, including your precious Trump, figure it the fuck out and wake up they're trying to KILL to you!)

    Anyway, Joaquin Phoenix is married to a billionaire "Rooney Mara" and she is from the "Mara" family. Her daddy owns the new York Giants sports team. I know you like the Joker movie, I liked it too. But we can't allow out emotions to rule us. Joaquin is smart and knows who he's married to. Don't be tricked just cause you love a movie. He's in on it.

    He'll save animals but what about the children that are food for these pedophiles? Answers that….

    If you can't see that. It's cause you refuse. Kill yourself if you're in denial.

    P.S. Joaquin is a brilliant ACTOR! Just let that sink the fuck in 😉

  26. And from what I have read, he holds some of the patents on this Coronavirus and others… He has LONG been behind the Eugenics movement along with the likes of Soros.

  27. Ok. I will kill myself now😂😂😂😂😂

  28. There's sure a lot of mentally deficient 'humans' (term used loosely) here. Why don't y'all put apple bags over your heads and breathe deeply.

  29. He always spoke of overpopulation as if it needs to be controlled.

  30. Bill has been planning coronavirus for years: https://youtu.be/mzHom70dhKE

  31. Wheres the ted talk link?

  32. Bill Gates "predicted" this because he's got a hand in it!!!

  33. Well, overall he created it

  34. Gates is PART of the problem, not the solution. He was forced to step down…. Yeah… We know.

  35. If this virus is new and never seen before.How is there a picture of it? Can this clip be proven to be back in 2015?


  37. Excellent presentation… If only the nation 🌏 had taken things seriously!

    Sadly if China 🇨🇳 had reacted quickly in mid Dec 2019, when it realised the risk of Corona Virus 🔅, this epidemic would not have been pandemic!

    All China had to do was:
    ✈️Restrict all flights in /out China
    👮‍♂️Curfew movements
    🛑 STOP the absurd sale of potent animals like bats 🦇 etc
    Ban social events etc

    By being complacent, it became a hoist to its own petard! 🔥

    The problem is ALL Governments take the false prudent view:
    'numbers are small, no need to panic… !'

    Until its too late 👏.! The destruction of the Virus now commands our planet 🌏

    Let's us hope and pray 🙏 that a vaccine will be made ASAP

  38. It just part of their fucking planing why did Bill Gates predicted this unordinary for them to have control of the people that have to get rid of majority of the fucking people cuz the world is overpopulated so he made this virus. People are go to go crazy next to know Marshall law order this is what there want "NWO"

  39. Eyes wide shut

  40. why does it turn into a music video.

  41. Fuck bill fucking gates. As if the inventor of microsoft does not love viruses.

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