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Confusing Things About British Homes – Anglophenia Ep 28

What might Americans find confusing about a British home? New Anglophenia host Kate Arnell takes us on a tour of the charming quirks of a U.K. house.

Click here for more features of a British home that might surprise Americans:

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  1. Everything is even same here in India as well…. I think this is coz of British influence for 300 years during British Empire….

  2. Why ther is no blub

  3. British outlets are the best and safest design out there. Don't believe me? there's a video by Tom Scott, you should go and watch it.

  4. Oh my.. she speaks so quickly, I'm not able to catch it..

  5. Красивая ведущая!!

  6. Most of us ar british or as you call it brits i just watched this to see what dumb acsent you had and to see what you call weared like who keepes washing in the bath room and some bathrooms have swiches on the outside to turn the light on american oh i see americans dont think about geting killed by electric

  7. Why oh why, in a country with no A/C, do you not have screens over your windows to keep the bugs out???


  9. The fact that I’m persian and persian homes are like this toooo I don’t feel weird now

  10. Love the way she speaks, if only all Brit girls spoke like this …so attractive

  11. I’m British , and I have a total British house

  12. Funny all the safety regs except and open window that you can fall out of haha

  13. some American houses do have a on off switch when you plug something in so that's not new

  14. a normal wash should not take 2 hours

  15. HoW nIcE dumps envelope on floor

  16. So the British don't have access to GFCI technology yet, huh?

  17. I wish they still did videos

  18. li mortacci tua 6 milioni di visualizzazioni

  19. Are your best friend now

  20. we have all of these things just the same in india

  21. Very interesting video! But I don't understand why there's a switch to turn off the plug

  22. I found the switches on plugs very annoying. Like really, how much electricity can you save with that?
    The no plugs in the bathroom is very annoying too. I had to keep my electric toothbrush and my hair dryer in the bedroom. And then I would forget to bring the toothbrush. Or I left it in the bathroom and it run out of charge and I had to brush with the toothbrush off, which is not good at all because it's not like a normal toothbrush.
    The only reason I find for not plugs in the bathroom is too many drunk people.
    I don't find the washing machine in the kitchen weird since there are many houses in my home country that has it there. Not everyone can afford an extra room for the washing machine.
    The two taps is extremely annoying. There's no point on having that nowadays.
    Btw: you should be a model

  23. I’m a Brit and only have mixer taps at home and shaver/electric toothbrush outlets in the bathroom. 🤷🏼‍♀️ This is definitely an old/dated house she lives in. I also have a utility room for washer, dryer and other laundry things. Having the washing machine in the kitchen is only a thing in smaller homes or apartments. This video makes us look like peasants. We really aren’t. Maybe if you live in a house the size of a shoebox in London this is the life, but this is not commonplace at all.

  24. Opens the envelope then drops it on the FLOOR ?! Whatever.

  25. I just realized that faucet pun wouldn’t work in America 😂


  27. Gosh, I miss this channel.

  28. Easy

  29. Best part about the tap part is when you brave it with just the hot and race to wash your hands before the full heat kicks in and burns you. You always lose, shout some curse words and go get the sweet relief which is the cold tap

  30. What a nice voice…

  31. As an American I’ve got to say “Good God.” That accent is the thing dreams are made of. And you’re absolutely gorgeous. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise, you’re a 10. Hold your head high.

  32. So, do you not have screens over your windows?

    How do you keep insects and other unwanted guests from getting in?

    In the US our plugs in the "bathroom" have "ground fault current interrupters" or (GFCI) that prevent accidental electrocution if one is wet and touching a plug or switch.

  33. /cringe/

  34. Why do Brits call apartments 'flats' and yards 'gardens'? We grow things in gardens….like corn, tomatoes, green beans….our yards are just grass.

  35. In America, we have Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor electrical outlets in bathrooms and kitchens on separate circuits to prevent electrical shock. We also have three-prong outlets throughout the house, with one receptacle as the ground, so that all outlets are grounded, except that table lamps and most small appliances only have two-pronged cord plugs.

  36. Okaaaay so…. im american and how do yall brtish people live

  37. Two taps is a problem, wife made me replace all the sinks in our house to single mixer tap type sinks

  38. Wow!!! This Video has been on the net at least six years. Saw this when I lived in another part of Canada. Still nice to watch.

  39. This house is so old fashioned, it's hardly representative. It maintains the idea that we all have bad teeth and talk like Dick van Dyke

  40. I think most of us Brits have a toilet in the bathroom. However, this doesn't stop us males from occasionally peeing in the bath. My wife disapproves of this of course… particularly whe she is in the bath… and I'm not. Well, I'd have to turn around to use the loo and it's rude to turn your back on someone when you're talking to them. Women can be so touchy about these things.

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