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Welcome to our classic American home, and Vlogtober 2017. I simply love this month and cannot wait to enjoy everything it has to offer! Thank you for watching this tour and my daily vlogs, be sure to Subscribe if you are not already.

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  1. Loved your home decor. I too found some great thrifted velvet pillows.
    Fall/Winter are my two favorite seasons. I also feel alive when the colder weather is arrives. Also, can't wait for daylight savings time to end.
    Thank you Hillary, been missing you.

  2. once i see the challenge how do i signup . I am new to this

  3. how can i get involved with your next 5 dollar thrift sale challenge?

  4. Love your home. Thanks for sharing it. I have the same gold fireplace cover that you do. I took Rustoleum high heat spray and painted mine in black. I love it. I bet you can get it your colors too. Maybe you like the gold and that's cool too.

  5. You had me at "Buffalo checked pillow"! Beautiful and thanks for sharing. God bless!

  6. I have a question. Just curious. How on earth do you do your dishes?!?!? Hahaha! I just almost never see a set up like that and always wonder. All I can think of is that when you are ready to load it, you just reach over. The thing is I'm very short with very short arms so I can never do that. 😂😂😂

  7. You have such a beautiful home Hillary, so warm & inviting
    Greetings from Kathu, South Africa

  8. Nicely Done!!!

  9. The table is gorgeous, it sure seems like you know what you're doing. I have a "lifetime table," it's 10 years old, and has been a light natural wood color, and now it's a distressed gray-wash.

  10. Enjoyed video. Concern regarding berries. Ensure they are not nightshade as these are very toxic.

  11. So pretty! I especially love how you decorated the shelf above the kitchen sink–classic, understated elegance!

  12. your home turned out gorgeous fro autumn, i wish i had seen this before i posted my tour on my channel for inspiration.
    Ramon @ Home

  13. You have a few things my grandma had in her home. It's a timeless look.

  14. Looks Beautiful! 🎃 Amy

  15. Beautiful!!! Tfs 😊 👍 💕

  16. Love the pumpkins in the fireplace!  It's a cute concept and they're fabulous looking pumpkins too.

  17. Your home is beautiful!!

  18. I love Pueter.

  19. So beautiful! Classic and cozy!

  20. The greenery is so detailed- I love it!

  21. Everything looks so pretty, I love how your decor all ties together so nicely!

  22. The pewter touches are so very pretty! Adding pewter to my thrifting list!

  23. Love the table, I had suggested on Instagram maybe painting the legs white. But I agree with not doing that, it is a beautifully refinished table. I only said that because it blends in with the floor. Maybe a rug? Of course that would not work with young kids. Beautiful home!

  24. You're the best at making a home feels like a home! I love your new home and the way you decorated it! It is so lovely! I remember when you first moved in and the house looks very empty and now you've turned it into a home! Love it ❤️

  25. I really love your style

  26. Your home is so beautiful and the table is gorgeous!! Tfs, Liza 🙂

  27. So lovely! I have been looking for buffalo check pillows just like that, do you mind sharing your source? Thank you for a beautiful tour!

  28. I love your area rug. The gold and pewter pieces are so cozy! Your hard work in your home has definitely paid off!

  29. So homey so cozy so blessed. God bless you and your family.

  30. It takes a good eye to decorate for fall using a neutral palette. Well done! Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

  31. I LOVE you decor! What amazing taste you have. Love your style!!

  32. It turned out great! I love your classic American style. It's just lovely😊 you did a beautiful job with the table. I remember seeing it in your vids throughout the years. It looks awesome now!

  33. Just Beautiful ❤

  34. My favorite space is the ledge over the sink! What a pleasant place to wash dishes : )

  35. Very beautiful! I loved everything.

  36. Nice job with decorating!

  37. You have a clean and beautiful house. I love your kitchen countertops. Is it wood? If yes, how do you protect it from water damage?

  38. 😘😘😘Love it

  39. Everything looks beautiful

  40. Your style is so timeless. I love it! Tfs 💗

  41. I love all the pewter where are you finding it? I lived in SF and collected Arthur Court I only have 9 pieces but they mean so much to me.

  42. Love everything!! The table looks amazing, you did so great!

  43. That acorn mirror!!! So perfect

  44. I love it Hillary! Super cozy, comfy & welcoming! ❤️

  45. Looks great…not too much but it still says 'Autumn'.

  46. Your house is beautiful and I absolutely love your fireplace!

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