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Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort & Spa – Vietnam 2018

Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort & Spa – Vietnam 2018

Five-Star Highlights
Instant Beach Access

One of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Vietnam is steps away from your room. Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort & Spa is located in an isolated area situated directly by the sea, with nothing around except mountains, dunes and clear blue skies.

23 Refreshing Pools

Enjoy access to 8 private pools located by our two-storey luxury lodges, along with an additional 14 private pools by our pool villas, and our large main pool by the Rosone Restaurant. Taking a swim in the warm sun has never been easier and more enjoyable. Free Wi-Fi is available resort-wide, even at our pools.

Fresh Seafood & World Cuisine

Our executive chef cooks up delicious local seafood for our guests. Enjoy fresh crab, lobster, mussels, prawn, fish, calamari, octopus and more. Indulge in international Western and Thai dishes, along with traditional Vietnamese fare.

Contact Us

(+84) 58 398 98 98

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