Boris Johnson asked US for ventilators, Donald Trump claims

Boris Johnson asked US for ventilators, Donald Trump claims

Donald Trump has claimed that Boris Johnson asked the United States to provide Britain with ventilators to fight the coronavirus.

The US president claimed Mr Johnson asked for American assistance in a phone call on Friday. Mr Trump wished the Prime Minister well after it was revealed earlier in the day that he had tested positive for coronavirus. Mr Trump also said that the US would provide ventilators for the rest of the world.

He said: “Boris Johnson was asking for ventilators today. As you know, Boris, unfortunately he’s tested positive, and it’s a terrible thing. But he’s going to be great, I’m sure he’s going to be totally great.

“But they want ventilators. Italy wants ventilators. Spain wants ventilators. Germany wants ventilators. They’re all calling for ventilators. Well we’re going to make a lot of ventilators and we’ll take care of our needs, but we’re also going to help other countries.”

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