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BLACK AND BLUE Trailer (2019)

Official Black and Blue Movie Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ | Naomie Harris Movie Trailer | Release: 25 Oct 2019 | More
Exposure follows a rookie Detroit African-American female cop who stumbles upon corrupt officers who are murdering a drug dealer, an incident captured by her body cam. They pursue her through the night in an attempt to destroy the footage, but to make matters worse, they’ve tipped off a criminal gang that she’s responsible for the dealer’s death.

Black and Blue (2019) is the new action movie starring Naomie Harris, Frank Grillo and Mike Colter.

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  1. Has anyone seen this movie if so which is better this or the Joker movie?

  2. Película para bella me saco 3l sombrero con la protagonista

  3. At home chillin with bae type of movie

  4. I was actually surprised about how good this was. Rented it from Redbox just because I wanted to see something new and B&B became a favorite from the first time I watched it

  5. Good story of this movie" thumps up. Love this, done watching

  6. Just finished watching this and it deserves a thumbs up from me!👍

  7. Nice wan thanks

  8. Corrupt cops doing corrupt copper things, with a new fresh woke spin to it. That's a big fat easy NOPE.

  9. Propaganda for weak minds

  10. Why didn’t she ever just call the FBI?

  11. This is awesome!

  12. Finally a great movie that reminds people that we are all people, RESPECT Everyone ♥️

  13. Good ass movie I enjoyed 🔥🔥🔥👍🏽

  14. This movie kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Naomie is such an awesome actress!!

  15. فليم رائع

  16. Movies are so full of shit these days…making police officers look like a bunch of gang members when they're the ones who roam the streets at night keeping the real gang members out of YOUR house…get fuckin' real people.

  17. White people are bad. Black people are victims. OK Hollywood….enough already!

  18. 21 and Bridges, and, Black and Blue, I'm loving it, Another One ☝️

  19. 1:03 no pun intended

  20. Клеем кровоточащую рану не заклеить, херню показывают. Можно только царапину замазать, приток лимфы начнёт создавать кровяные пузыри, и вообще полная хрень смотреть страшно будет.

  21. Y’all need to do the full movies it don’t make since 🤦🏽‍♀️🤬

  22. This movie is a hidden gem. I enjoyed it. This is how you write a female protagonist… Strong yet flawed. Highly recommend it.

  23. Saw this movie last nite…….very interesting and real !!!

  24. Just finish watch this. It was a great movie. Murder is Murder No Matter Who You Are!

  25. It was a great movie. I loved it. I will see it again. It's sad how they treat Black women in law enforcement when they want to go along with the program. Black women are harassed more in department.

  26. I want to see African-Anerican women in these roles. I'm so tired of watching transplants "act" in roles about our community. They know nothing about our culture.

  27. This is a 10/10

  28. Stop loving your oppressor and put them to death what’s worst that can happen you get killed which they already murdering our people anyway mind as well buss your guns

  29. I advise everybody to go out and watch that movie black and blue officer trail movie come out tomorrow at is a good movie with Tyrese and it.

  30. Seems like a typical black saves the day against the white corrupt police lame

  31. This is actually a clear example of police infiltriation in drugs, gangs, and money. Be carefull id you trust someone on your neighborhood.

  32. Heart Pounding!

  33. this will be a big flop

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