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Billie Eilish – bad guy (Live From Jimmy Kimmel Live!/2019)


  1. "GET IT GIRLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  2. Those son of a bitches people need to stop clapping I can’t hearing shit

  3. Seems like she doesn't shave her legs. Just saying

  4. Is she really singing this live?

  5. Fantastyyyyyyyyyyyyyk

  6. I love youuuuuu😘🥰😍😍🥰😘

  7. The guitarist in the back is billie eilish

  8. おしょんこぽんぽん

  9. I love you bilie eilish

  10. Im a bald guy

  11. I'm a nerd guy

  12. im the baaaaaad guuuuuy

  13. Credits to the drummer always there and finneas

  14. So obviously lip synced.

  15. The Quiet Party . Huhuhhuhu!!!!👻

  16. Love her clothes i want the same

  17. Billll💖

  18. Even worse live.

  19. I love You Billie

  20. Would've loved if they somehow played all parts of the song live, pretty cool song though

  21. I think she will fade out like tons of other 1 hit wonder artists.

  22. Why billie wear ugly dress?😅

  23. Is she performing on a sinking ship?

  24. Everybody that says she's whisper sings, go check out the NO TIME TO DIE song and watch the whole thing

  25. Билли в 17 лет: становится популярной!
    Я в 15: мама смотри я научилась рисовать ровный круг!

  26. おしょんこぽんぽん

  27. 正味ライブ映するアーティストでは無いわな。好きだけど。

  28. bad guy- Audience ft. Billie Eilish

  29. She inspires me so much to be a singer xx and she’s only 18 wow 💋

  30. I really want to go and meet billie eilsh she is the best I love.
    Her xx😭❤️❤️❤️😭😭😍😍😍

  31. You are AMAZING, no matter what ANYBODY says to you, keep doing what you want , you let me live the life i want this whole here was VERY , like it was just deppresing in general, so THANK YOU never stop your dreams!

  32. I love you.

  33. Billie singing

    Crowd: not enough noise

    Billie: d'uh



  34. This young lady is going places!!!! OMG. What a voice and presence!!!!

  35. Lil babe 💙

  36. DUH

  37. DUHG

  38. i'm the cat guy

  39. ILYSFM Billie❤️

  40. WTF is this? part of some kind of horror movie?? annoying and disgusting..

  41. What is this?hahahaaha

  42. This girl voice dont need auto tune ,auto tune needs her

  43. When I listened this, I could not understand what is cool. But, now, I think this is cool.

  44. Lip synced?

  45. This isn’t even singing

  46. Bro how can people dislike her vids???!!!

  47. She looks like that lady who sang dance monkey in this outfit

  48. This is SHIT!

    Das ist SCHEIßE!

  49. Her outfit is cool lol

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