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Big Man | 빅맨 – EP 4 [SUB : ENG, CHN, MLY, VIE, IND]

– Cast: Kang Jihwan, Choi Daniel, Lee Dahee, Jung Somin

– BIGMAN Play List

– Ep.04 : Jihyeok’s quick-thinking avoids a catastrophe and Park Donghwan’s funeral goes smoothly. The union members are touched and return to work. Kang Seonguk is shocked at Jihyeok’s ability to end the strike. Mira is transferred to Hyeonseong Distributions and works with Jihyeok. Jihyeok supports building a new market in order to bring in clothing company Jaroque, in hopes of saving Hyeonseong Distributions. But the people opposing the development happens to be Dalsuk’s market people.
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  1. Does he know about the "other brother" . Questions should be thought and asked.

  2. English sub please love to watch korean movie . If only got sub tittle. Im an ofw here in malaysia and in my free time i am watching …thanks so much !

  3. English pls

  4. Iklan nya bikin aku laper 😂

  5. “Is he really the president”


  6. So many ads 😅😅😅

  7. …why amaze wealth when you can not spend them all nor take them to the grave?… people you left behind will only have a feast spending recklessly your wealth…

  8. I feel so sad for him,

  9. im in love with this series, sooooooo much in love

  10. Seru bangett ini drama.y ..

  11. The movie within the movie

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂love him he' s so innocent lol

  13. Stupid new president 😢

  14. Oh my Kim…what's the other guy is doing here

  15. Film strange🤔🤔🤔

  16. I like this movie..thank you 😊

  17. Iklannya banyak banget 😩

  18. Ya tuhan banyak banget iklanx

  19. 강기환씨.당신이나오는빅맨과.몬스터를정말잘보았어요.역을참잘하셔요

  20. she tied a Winchester

  21. 24:48 two photos came out ?!

  22. Funny and involving.

  23. I think the mc is the real son of that rich women

  24. Wishing all the Ceo’s of a company is like him..

  25. Kkkkkkkkkkk ordered black bean 🍝, for a president that’s too dense

  26. Terlalu bayak iklan membosan kan

  27. 7:50 I almost got my coffee out of my nose.

  28. 9:54 /9:59 it's funny , the chairman ( mode fake proud dad, and mode pure evil psycho man)

  29. iklan milu

  30. lol 35:00 to 37:40 hilarious

  31. Wuuaah… I just can't. This is so so very sad 😢.
    I mean the male MC is tooo innocent, kind n oblivious. I'm not saying i don't like him, but it's too hard to watch him being fooled all the time. I can't imagine how he feels when he finds out about everything later. His heart's gonna be shattered into pieces 😭.

  32. Subtitle nya ilang 😐

  33. I think we should give the MC more credit. I mean he of course he may make mistakes here and there, but considering his background and how he is/was completely foreign to the whole business industry, you can't expect him to know everything already and to be cautious. Cut him some slack.

  34. Can't stop watching. It's too funny

  35. Me gustaría que suban los capítulos traducidos en español,para seguir viviendo esta historia que parece buena sobre todo me gusta cómo trabaja el protagonista muchas gracias 👍

  36. Thank you 😊

  37. i cant, he is too stupid

  38. Why am I crying 😭😭

  39. with english subtitle please

  40. He was so innocent and pabo… I think he might changed after know the truth about the family….. revenge time

  41. At 1:43 tho 😂😂😂😂

  42. Thankyou for downloading and sharing love this plenty of laughs, but hey no work done rather watch Big Man haha

  43. This is funny… I laugh silently..

  44. Stiil wait next episode…


  46. Actually no subtitle appear

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