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AWM KING || B2K VS LOREM|| (PC VS MOBILE) Who Is Faster AWM player

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PC player vs Mobile Player

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  1. b2k

  2. B2K fan

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  4. Where is B2K

  5. Bro wht the hell I need u r custom hud it's half covered

  6. No. No how is better than lorem

  7. Nono

  8. sale b2k baap hea

  9. You are AWM king

  10. Both are best but lorem mobile lezend

  11. Lu coba perhatiin costum hud ny sama game play ny beda bosss cerdas sedikit lh

  12. WER is game b2k?

  13. He is this verry beat player in this world

  14. where is b2k😠

  15. Lorem k age b2k kuch v nahi hai.. Lorem mobile pe khelta hai aur b2k pc pe

  16. Lorem penipu kelihatan pake HP. Tapi yang asli pake emu

  17. Nice

  18. Lorem is best he use awm without scope

  19. Lorem is the world top player in Freefire and awm leader

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  21. Lorem awm king

  22. Lorem plays pc

  23. Lorem is best

  24. B2k is the best ever

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  26. where b2k gameplay???

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