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Anantara Mui Ne (Vietnam): review & impressions



  1. Awesome video nice background music, grand hotel tour

  2. Ах какое блаженство знать что ты совершенство.знать что ты идеал

  3. Đẹp quá!!! Tự hào Việt Nam ơi

  4. 🌷👍🌷👍🌷👍🌷👍🌷👍🌷👍🌷

  5. In the beginning, was that you, or your partner? Thank you so much for your videos.

  6. Sharon lung 建錞的房屋。

  7. Wow, a phone next to the toilet, the best thing ever to me.

  8. Filming is amazing. Please tell me what camera you are using

  9. Yet again a very nice video. It seems to be a really beautiful place.

  10. C'est oui.

  11. ⭐🤝⭐🏅⭐🥇🏆💎✊💎🏆🥇⭐🏅⭐🤝⭐😊☺️🙂✊

  12. Thank you the Luxury Travel Expert , I*m seat traveling my the home )))))

  13. which camera you are using?

  14. Wow! Your videos are amazing not just this, many of them! A sub from me!
    I have travel videos on my channel, take a look if want!:)

  15. A really enjoyable vedio.

  16. Another great video. Have you considered doing a voiceover commentary rather than the onscreen text?

  17. The resort should limit the number of chinese guests. The chinese are rude and disgusting, they ruin the serenity and the atmosphere.

  18. I almost got a free trip to Vietnam once. That was in 1969 though, so I don't think I would have stayed in a nice resort like this! The Army decided I needed to go to Missile Repair Parts School, so I knew then I wasn't going, since we didn't have missiles in Vietnam then. My stay in Germany was much nicer!

  19. would have stayed at this hotel 2 years ago however they have a draconian rule of compulsory 5 nights booking between Xmas and NYE . I wrote and complained to the area manager and heard that the rule was now abandoned . However by that time I have booked at the more inferior Victoria Hotel whose service and attitude was far less hospitable . They charged me for the missing laundry and thongs . Anyway could you review Anantara Hoi An as we booked to stay there in Dec 17 . Great video and I have subscribed to your channel

  20. Excellent Video! Loved it!

  21. Around 29:00, that seafood looks so good! LOVE Seafood!

  22. 16:56 So cute!

  23. Hi. Enjoyed all your videos.

  24. If you come back Vietnam again, you should visit Nam Nghi resort or JW Marriott resort and spa at Phu Quoc island, they're new resorts and the beach is really nice. Phan Thiet isn't the place has the most beautiful beach in Vietnam except it's near Saigon (Ho Chi Minh). Another suggestion is Song Saa resort, it's located at a private island in Cambodia.

  25. i have been to Mui Ne once, but regret not to stayed at Anantara resort.in the future we would like to go there for our next holiday.always enjoy watching yours video.it s got very good contents,nice relaxing piano music.once again many thanks for the video.

  26. room too austere

  27. You should have given us a tour of the pool villas. Anyway it's a good work done

  28. A lovely piece of music starting at 3.10.  What is its name in Epidemicsound please.  Much appreciated for your reply.

  29. Great video! How many snakes did you see in Vietnam?

  30. I am going to check out Mui ne next time!

  31. Quite a difference between this hotel and the Saigon Reverie, but more of what I would imagine of a resort in Vietnam–simple decor, beautiful grounds, pool area and beach. The guests seemed to really enjoy themselves 🙂 Always look forward to traveling with you!

  32. Need a cup of coffee for this

  33. Great video.

  34. Love the video, thank you!

  35. Your.filming is absolutely amazing. It's like you're floating on a cloud. If you're not a professional, then you should be. You have the most amazing videos, so detailed and not rushed.

  36. Je maakt mooie videos maar ze sturen je wel steeds naar verlaten hotels en resorts als ik het zo bekijk..
    Maar nogmaals het is weer een mooie kwaliteit en schitterend gefilmde travelvideo.
    Maar het gebrek aan reizigers viel ons gewoon weer op.

  37. $.25

  38. Spotted at 00:22 the famous red suitcase

  39. Nice Video!

  40. Pure relaxation! great video !

  41. The beach looks absolutely fabulous

  42. The place looks a bit sterile…I'd rather stay at one of their Thai or Middle Eastern properties; in addition, I would never holiday in a country that charges $100 for a tourist visa!

  43. Good

  44. …über 6 Minuten Poolszenen… …i love it :-*
    Wirklich wunderschön dieses Anantara Resort!!!

  45. Great video. I always love to experience Anantara. I recommend the Uluwatu resort in Bali if you haven't been already.

  46. Why dont you travel to India..


  48. Are you from Eangland?

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