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American Horror Story VS 2016 Election – Season 7 Speculations!


Ryan Murphy teased the theme of season 7 of American Horror Story: the 2016 Presidential Election. Yes, it is very confusing. Does this mean we’ll be seeing Sarah Paulson as Hillary and Evan Peters as Trump? Not a clue, but let’s speculate!


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  1. Yes, please leave so us with working brains can live free of all the lib-tards.

  2. Clowns… government… aliens. omg killer klowns !!!

  3. GOD NO! Please, please, please don't make AHS anti-Trump inspired. I have enough from the MSM.

  4. How about they make their own election instead of using trump and hillary so then there isn't controversy

  5. Let me take a guess, republicans-evil monsters and democrats-godly saints.

  6. Way to be racist af against Italians, but no you guys were just "joking" rigjt

  7. The new story about election is a bit odd. But i think it might have something to do with Baba Vanga, the blind woman who predicted Obama will be our last president (she predicted a dozen other stuff including the 9/11). She went blind at the age of 12 then she mysteriously went missing during which she had one of her first visions. Many great dignitaries visited her during her time(which could be something for the story). she died in 1996 before which she said her gift will be passed onto a 10 year old in France. There might be a possibility of involvement of many of the supernatural beings, including the witches of season 3 or the witch of the woods season 6. something…, if u include this in the new AHS story…

  8. I would like to see Kathy Bates or Jessica Lange as Hillary Clinton.

  9. I hope they have Hillary Clinton murder Donald Trump and then she gets put in prison and gets death row. I dislike both of them.

  10. I bet he is being hella vague on the subject for a reason. Maybe it's about the election BUT not the nominees or maybe he said election to fire up the hype and controversy for AHS season 7 and it's actually just government in general. You'll have to wait and see when it comes out.

  11. HATED season 6! I only watched 3 or 4 episodes, then I was done.
    I think if season 7 IS about the election, I will be passing on the whole season. Wasn't this election nightmare enough?

  12. Screw that jesty Kathy Bates bit…

  13. if it's political but dark like House of Cards or The Purge: Election Year, I'm in. I liked all seasons except Hotel (didn't find it scary or disturbing, just bloody) and loved last season's different direction. Excited for the new season!

  14. It was a horror story with a happy ending. Trump is great.

  15. please move

  16. Whitneys hair looks so good… Im jelly.

  17. I'm pretty sure it was a joke, lmao

  18. it's funny that she said you wont be able to find the clip because she tweeted one out on the 16th of september 2016……. i saw through your lies Whitney…..

  19. ahs assasination with lana del rey as jackie, evan peters as jfk, and lady gaga as marylin monroe

  20. yea so now he is going to throw a full season in the garbage over a political opinion sad to say i won't be watching again until 2019

  21. Season 6 was supremely underrated. Really hope this is a joke though.

  22. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4ve3wt_my-haunted-house-s04e09-dark-angel-and-snowed-in_tv

  23. if seasons 7 is gonna be around the Illuminati or area 51 i'd honestly watch but the rumors of ghost ship was pretty lit.

  24. I like your idea for AHS 7 🙂

  25. I'll be so happy if it's about the illuminati/aliens

  26. let's be honest it's likely just more anti trump propaganda

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