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American Horror Story: The Best of Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman has appeared in three seasons of American Horror Story including: Cult, Apocalypse, and 1984. Ryan examines each performance from the American Horror Story newcomer.

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  1. Where does Margaret rank in Leslie Grossman's American Horror Story performances?

  2. I’m beyond excited to see what role she will play in AHS season 10. She can be sweet, she can be bitchy, she can be sassy, she can do it all. So excited to see what Ryan has planned for her (:

  3. 4. Patrica Periwinkle
    3. Meadow Wilton
    2. Coco St.Pierre Vanderbilt
    1. Margaret Booth

  4. None, she needs off the show. She makes it into a joke. Even worse than my least favorite season/actor Lady Gaga on Hotel.

  5. She been playing the same What I Like About You characters for years, nothing impressive just the same, she doesn't fit in this show, they should had put Liz Gillies or Lana Del Rey along time ago but this show has wasted so many opportunities, it's just horrendous

  6. Omg the guy at the end😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Did anyone notice the plot hole in 1984 where Richter killed the gay guy who was blackmailing X on the camp grounds never showed up as a ghost? 🤔

  8. I love all of them But I love Margaret A little more.

  9. I liked her as Pepper, too!

  10. 4. Patricia
    3. Meadow
    2. Margaret
    1. Coco

  11. Damn she looks great for 48! I thought she was in her 30s.

  12. Mines was coco

  13. Might just be me, but I really fell in love with Coco! One of the best characters in AHS:Apocalypse!

  14. i've loved her since popular!! mary cherry was iconic!

  15. Frances and Leslie are so underrated ugh. I love Leslie. Margaret was my favorite

  16. Unpopular opinion, Coco is definitely my favorite. She’s just a really nice person and wants to do everything in her power to help people

  17. I wish this videos weren't just a summary of the past seasons but an actual focus on the actor/actress, their best scene in each season, any memorable lines etc.
    As they are now they are pretty pointless.

  18. Margret Boothe she rocked that character I adore Leslie Grossman and the characters she creates!!!

  19. great videos but I think you should’ve done them after the end of 1984

  20. Can you please stop talking throughout the whole entire video?

  21. I feel like even when she’s brought into a spotlight role(like Margaret) she’s still a background/side character. I’ve always enjoyed her but I think she needs another season of getting spotlight to really show her. She’s so talented and such a joy to watch.

  22. hey hey it's Mary Cherry

  23. Than I wonder why she’s in the coven flashbacks

  24. @0:17 did you mean GBF?

  25. What if there was a secret coven

  26. Plot Twist: Coco is related to Henri St. Pierre from Glee

  27. magaret is the best character. she played the hell out of the crazy villain.

  28. Definitely one of my favourite ahs actress, she has a unique quirk to her, very likeable. Gluten witch is the best.

  29. i loveeeee her

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