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  1. What's your favorite Emma Roberts performance?

  2. My Favorite Emma Robert's iconic character of AHS is Madison Montgomery hands down. I loved her bitchy quick comeback lines.

  3. do more of these please 🥰🥰🥰

  4. do an everything we know about Papa Legba please

  5. I never was a huge fan of Emma. Maybe it was just all the bitchy roles she played. Never liked Madison. Ever.

  6. I never was a huge fan of Emma. Maybe it was just all the bitchy roles she played.

  7. Loved Emma in scream queens!. She really has instilled herself in the scream queen legacy 👌

  8. To be honest…..when I see Madison…..and I yelling…oh it Channel Oberlin….

  9. madison montgomery

  10. Madison learned her lesson in hell the FIRST time she begged people not to tell her manager when the old Madison would have just forced them not too AND she was literally the nicest to Queenie

  11. 4. Serena Belinda
    3. Maggie Esmeralda
    2. Madison Montgomery
    1. Brooke Thompson

  12. I definitely have the biggest crush on her 😁 shes beautiful

  13. My favorite Emma Roberts character is Chanel.

  14. maggie

  15. She’s an abuser

  16. My fave role that she played is Madison Montgomery

  17. Brooke is my favorite. It was a completely against type role for Roberts and she nailed it. She was extremely believable playing a heroic protagonist and pure soul who started out as a victim and believably progressed into a survivor by the end of the season. Roberts should play more roles like this because it's obvious she is fully capable given how well she played Brooke.

  18. The light him just fine

  19. where the hell is evan peters bro

  20. Looks like Chanel Oberlin really became a network newscaster

  21. chanel number 1 obvi 😘

  22. I don’t understand why people think she’s attractive, she’s a stick on high heels, and just because her aunt IS BEAUTIFUL, and a good actress, doesn’t automatically make Emma one.

  23. Maggie didn't deserve that 😭

  24. Chanel oberlin

  25. My favorite emma character is Madison

  26. Brooke

  27. Madison fue la mejor de ahí
    Serena xd

  28. also we need a sarah paulson

  29. The word Iconic needs to be shelved for like a decade
    Not everything in life is Iconic.
    Calm down.
    Emma is great.

  30. "threesomes are messy"? I've been in over 20 including one this morning… they're awesome

  31. I disagree with your assertion of Maggie’s death being the most gruesome. I’d say Roanoke has a lot of good contenders. Those vloggers were pretty gruesome, as well as every person who was dismembered.

  32. 12:2, no and no, in that order.

  33. unpopular opinion check

    I hate Emma Roberts, she abused Evan

  34. Emma Roberts is such an underrated actress. I think people fail to separate Emma Roberts as the actress with the "private life" Emma. You don't have to like the artist in order to like their art.

  35. Who remembers when she played Claire in Aquamarine

  36. You completely omitted Madison going to the Murder House: bringing peace to Moira’s soul, finding out secrets about Michael the Antichrist, and reuniting Tate and Violet; all of which arguably show her in a different light and that means she may not “deserve” the retail hell shes currently trapped in after all.

  37. I kinda hope they bring back another apocalypse season, like I feel like the devil wouldn’t let his soon to be son get crushed by a Range Rover, I know it might seem stupid but Michael was a huge fan favorite and I just wished they turned him to the good side

  38. Madison Montgomery Movie Star 😌

  39. You know in regards to Madison's character, prior to her first death I didnt think she was that bad. Childish, immature, and self absorbed, a bully to be sure. But I didnt truly hate her until post death and ressurection. I think death is what made her irredeemable.

  40. Love the show but this actress is the weak link in the cast. Look at any scene with Jessica Lange and it becomes clear she is in over her head. Her acting is so stiff and awkward she literally disappears in the presence of the more talented cast members.

  41. Honestly, I’ve always loved her, but as Brooke she was hot AS FUCK in the last few episodes of this season. That red leather jacket with her brunette hair had me floored

  42. Emma Roberts is so beautiful

  43. Emma Watson
    Emma Roberts

    Which your favourite?

  44. Madison Montgomery, not question.

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