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American Horror Story: The Best of Billie Lourd

From creepy babysitter to aerobics instructor, Billie Lourd has played some iconic characters over three seasons of American Horror Story. This Supreme also saved the world from the Apocalypse. GameSpot Universe celebrates her best performances.

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  1. What's your favorite Billie Lourd performance on AHS?

  2. She’s always my favorite character in every season she’s on, just as much as Chanel #3. 💅🏻

  3. Mallory most definitely

  4. A cashier at my local save alot looks just like her… she is gonna be my girlfriend but she dont know it yet…🥴🤪🤤😍😅

  5. taissa farmiga!

  6. Her mother would be so proud. RIP Carrie Fisher.

  7. I love her voice she sounds so dead inside

  8. I love Montana so much. She is by far my favorite Billie Lourd character on AHS

  9. Can you do best of Jamie Brewer?

  10. My favorite of Billie lourd was season 9

  11. Billie lourd is so hot, especially in 1984 and cult

  12. 4. Linda
    3. Winter
    2. Montana
    1. Mallory

  13. Also we can’t forget she was probably still grieving her mothers and grandmothers death in the middle of the seasons.

  14. Meu love❤

  15. I actually dated Billie lourd for several months and I can confirm that she really is just a terrible actress

  16. I loved Mallory the most.

  17. Mines was Mallory

  18. I am on season 3 but I am SO EXCITED FOR season 8

  19. I loved her as Mallory she was great she was an awesome person but as Montana she was just super wicked and also you know towards the end she just had such a good side door great characters

  20. I can’t understand the hate she’s getting like she’s amazing in my opinion and she’s doing great so far

  21. My god I have the biggest crush on her

  22. Wait wait waitttt isn't chanel #3 charles manson daughter so by that notion is scream queens idk contected in some way or just in a different time line

  23. She owned 1984 and she proved her skills as an actress

  24. Off topic but Miss Orlando also used lye to hide the smell 😂😂😂

  25. She played season 9 very well i loved herr

  26. "Before she cancelled the apocalypse with an SUV…" LMAOOOO

  27. Montana Duke I Think Billie Was Spot on and Her Best Performance Yet! She made you hate Montana then feel sorry for and finally grow to love her!! It was a beautiful performance

  28. I love every single character that Billie Lourd played.

  29. Please do even Peters

  30. I love her!She is hot af

  31. im obsessed with billie lourd's voice. idk why

  32. Say it with me: WE NEED ANGELA * BASSETT*

  33. Hello

  34. Do Angela Bassett, Jessica Lange and kathy bates.

  35. Montana is definitely my favorite! Billie Lourd is improving with each season and I have always been a little on the fence with her until this season! She is blowing me away with Montana! Love her!

  36. 8:56 Montana is LITERALLY ME

  37. Angelia Basset

  38. She was born to play mallory… Her best character for sure… Her winter was a little lifeless and her montana was a little force…but still her acting is amazing. Just my opinion

  39. so she was strangled by the ghost of one of her other characters father?

  40. What is with billie and Charles Manson first scream queens then AHS

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