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American Horror Story | Seven Devils

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Song is by Florence + The Machine



Những Căn Nhà Đẹp Ở Việt Nam

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  1. Well..
    7 IS an Angel's #. Luci IS an Angel.

    I AM NOT.

  2. I love Nora Montgomery eventhough she's the reason for the haunted murder house started in the first place and also the birth of Antichrist is because of her longing for baby that she can't never take care of anyway lol.

  3. Cool.

  4. Love this!

  5. this is a freaking masterpiece

  6. i want to watch season 3 but i dont like the new season it sadly kinda sucks

  7. Awesome video. For some reason, I can't remember the first season. Need to revisit it.

  8. dont compare apples with oranges ….each season is so much diferent you cant say which was better

  9. so did we ever find out, why their souls couldnt ever leave? no right

    because they never told us 🙁

  10. Murder House gives me so many feels! I rewatched it three times, the most from all seasons.

  11. This is hands down, the best edited AHS video iv'e seen Thus far…………………………………..and Trust me, Iv'e seen em allllllll…..

  12. Love this video <3

  13. Awesomely Done!!!! *Should show as commercials on T.V. …?!!!?'. *★**Also,… The Earlier Seasons;episodes on Local T.V….,* We Need/Want More !'…???!`What's The Hold~Up ????!!!!!_:** Theirs plenty too go around '!'*Yes*'…,##*So…Give it'… ; ) p l e a s e '….,w🍒's…on top '!' A Fan… in Lou., Kentucky'…(`Derby City..')

  14. A well done vid for a TV Show which deserves only the best !
    The first season is greatly and incredibly awesome and the second one a true masterpiece !!!
    I wonder if guys noticed in a episode (one scene appears here quickly) the reference to the surrealist artist Man Ray and the famous Black Dahlia murder's case…
    Like me if you do or let me a word…

  15. I love this video!! good job man 😀

  16. Tate is the nicest piece of shit ever!

  17. I love AHS and I love Florence Welch <3

  18. On repeat!

  19. I love AHS. I don't know why, but i hate Asylum :/
    BTW This video was amazing

  20. Love murder house

  21. Great TV show in every ways (script, photo,stage direction, editing, visual effects, awesome actors performing, * a special thumb up to Jessica Lange*, soundtrack so and so…) !
    Magnifique !

  22. :')

  23. if you think about it constance did all that pain to herself

    she basically led to the death of every single family member she had lol

  24. This is the definition of perfect

  25. My favorite is Asylum but Murder House is a close second <3 Coven disappointed me but overall I liked it and Freak Show looks like a BIG improvement.

  26. please revise to add clips from the new season 😀

  27. Who is this mix?

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