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‘American Horror Story’ Seasons RANKED Worst to Best | ALTPRESS COUNTDOWN

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No one expected that when American Horror Story premiered in 2011 from the co-creators of the musical hit series Glee, it would turn into an iconic horror anthology. Yet, eight years later, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have us gripping the edge of our seats in anticipation for the ninth season, 1984, which based on teasers posted has an ’80s slasher film vibe to it. Think A Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday The 13th.

‘American Horror Story’ seasons ranked worst to best
We all know that ‘AHS’ is either a hit or a miss.

Each fall like clockwork, the dynamic horror duo has premiered the newest installment of the American Horror Story franchise via FX, and admittedly, not every season was exactly what we hoped it would be. From haunted houses to devils, Nazis and aliens, we’ve ranked each season of AHS from worst to best (so far) ahead of the premiere of 1984 Wednesday evening.


Written & Narrated by Paige Owens
Edited by Bobby Makar

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  1. How would YOU rank the AHS seasons? What do YOU think of 1984 so far? Tell us! And don’t forget to subscribe to APTV and turn on all notifications so you never miss a video! 🤘🎃 Thanks For watching!! 💀

  2. Best to worst:
    1. 1984
    2. Cult
    3. Hotel
    4. Asylum
    5. Roanoke
    6. Apocalypse
    7. Freak Show
    8. Coven
    9. Murder House

  3. My personal top 9 AHS seasons:

    9. Cult
    8. Roanoke
    7. 1984
    6. Asylum
    5. Freakshow
    4. Apocalypse
    3. Murder House
    2. Hotel
    1. Coven

  4. Why asylum gets number 7

  5. no way!! asylum #1

  6. 1.) asylum
    2.) coven
    3.) hotel
    4.) murder house
    5.) freak show
    6.) apocalypse
    7.) 1984
    8.) cult
    9.) roanoke

    9. COVEN
    7. HOTEL
    6. 1984
    5. CULT
    2. ASYLUM
    1. ROANOKE

  8. I feel like Roanoke is kinda garb but I still enjoyed it

  9. 1) Asylum
    2) Hotel
    3) Roanoke
    4) Apocalypse
    5) Coven
    6) Murder House
    7) Cult
    8) Freak Show

    I loved them all though

  10. So I disagree with some of those. Roanoke and asylum were better two of my favorites but freak show was a little too much in my mind, as well cult took things too political. I missed the basic fears scary and creepy, not the political joke that turned out to be.

  11. I liked Roanoke I didn’t like freak show in fact it’s my least favorite right next to asylum which just felt like too many ideas forced together.

  12. Here’s the thing about coven (for me), its WAY too on the nose. It has a lot of good factors and I like the idea of handling human fears along with a cult. A lot of the characters come off as cringey for how SJW they feel. I’m aware people behave like this but it doesn’t necessarily need to be on display as if it is every left wing character. That and all the right wing characters being disgustingly and over the top sexist was borderline too much (again I’m aware people act like this). If you like it, that’s totally fine, this is just my opinion

  13. The moment you said asylum was the second worse I wanted to click off

  14. Honestly coven was okay for most of it but then the last 3 episodes seemed really rushed so the ending wasn't that great

  15. I've only seen Murder House and about 6 eps of Assylum but it just got to gorey for me but it's still a good show btw 🙂

  16. Idc how you rank it ,but Freak show is the weakest season

  17. im actually really surprised so many people loved Asylum so much! thats really cool, i dont think i expected it. My friends and I arent big fans of it. Cult was honestly such a good season, one of my favorites. Murder house & Coven are known for being so good though oml.

  18. Asylum was one of, maybe even the best season, you're crazy (haha).

  19. I ♥️ pepper

  20. Im glad we all agree Roanoke was trash

  21. this was so false, roanoke wasn't the worst and ASYLUM WAS SO GOOD

  22. 1. murder house
    2. asylum

    3. coven
    4. hotel
    5. cult
    6. roanoke
    7. apocalypse
    8. freak show

  23. Roanoke at the bottom??? Asylum at #7???? Freak Show and Hotel so high???? Are you guys okay?

  24. Best to worst in my opinion:
    Murder house

  25. Lol I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t like AH 😂 great vid tho

  26. Freak Show is the worst. It’s so boring. Wtf is this list?

  27. Everyone agrees that asylum is the best, I don’t know on what you’ve based your video but it’s not true!

  28. Maybe it’s because it’s the most traumatizing and haunting to me, but Asylum is my favorite season

  29. Murder House will always be the best season.

  30. I agree that Roanoke wasn't very good but I thought Apocalypse was very good, it's one of my favorites!

  31. But murder house and coven are my two favorites!

  32. I also really loved Asylum but I wasn’t a fan of the alien stuff :/

  33. Roanoke is one of my favs!!!

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