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American Horror Story Season 9

Will American Horror Story Season 9 be a sequel to American Horror Story Apocalypse? With all the crossover stories we’ve been getting in season 8, it is starting to look like Apocalypse will be the season that connects the previous 7 in a major way. The story will continue into season 9 and then end in season 10! Let’s discuss!






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  1. happy that you were wrong about this:) i love love 1984 very much and cant wait for episode 7 later today

  2. Wen is it out????

  3. We're way over due fir a season set in the past. I've been screaming since Hotel that we need a season set in an old, eerie, near forgotten orphanage. (also haunted) it has so much potential. If they could somehow center the story around the children in the orphanage, maybe even connect some of them to the countess's children back in Hotel, the season has astounding potential to be the next AHS : Asylum, with different branching storylines and true horrific moments that have you sitting on the edge of your seat in both fear and anticipation

  4. So there's freakshow, Roanoke,cult,and asylum, enough for two more crossover seasons but which with who?

  5. Omg we basically had 2 seasons of coven already nobody wants another one 🙄i swear I'm not watching if it's coven related.

  6. Mallory messing with time could bring consequences or curiosity. Season seven the way it ended with that twist and then there’s Asylum with the aliens and the first supreme in season six.

  7. I’m sick of the witches

  8. I hope they go with an Alien theme and in the future when we are already terraformed on another planet. So we can see what happens to the half alien kids from Asylum.

  9. No it isn't, the way they ended it is not a preempt for season 9… Not happening

  10. I just want Michael back TBH xD

  11. Were there any direcr connections to Freak Show? Apocalypse is a crossover of Murder House and Coven. Asylum: Briarcliff and Murder Santa were part of Bubble's show. Hotel: Queenie was released from the Cortez. Roanoke: Cordelia mentions the Blood Moon. Cult: When the Apocalypse began Evie ask Gallant if they should call Trump.

  12. I think AHS shines brightest when they revolve their seasons around magic and ghosts, they have so much to work off of and it makes their stories more interesting.

  13. Whatever they do they need to get Cody Fern cast as some sort of character again. He was brilliant!

  14. What if the 2 with the perfect DNA is a hint for season 9. I mean they brought them up this season and just left them. I want to know their story.

  15. I sure hope it is

  16. I loved this 🙂

  17. I want 9 and 10 to be totally their own storyline.

  18. I think that kit walkers children will somehow be shown in AHS to tie in asylum or aliens

  19. I thought there are 11episodes to season 8? You mentioned there only being 10?
    A future season would be awesome although like others have said, something needs to be done to explain aliens too please.

  20. Last episode was god awful and the show has hit the point it goes downhill as every season do.

  21. ALIENS! ALIENS! ALIENS….tantrum

  22. AHS 9 New World Order

  23. I want a season about the arab world, arab spirits, Islam and ISIS. Could be something really cool. But proberbly that's considered islamobic or something shitty. But Hail Satan is perfectly fine.

  24. Season 1: Main line in present
    Season 2: Main line in past
    Season 3: Main line in present
    Season 4: Main line in past
    Season 5: Main line in present
    Season 6: Main line in present
    Season 7: Main line in present
    Season 8: Main line in present (1 year in the future and episode 4 tm 8 I won't call future)

  25. I always wanted them to do a theme based off Alice in Wonderland. That story is already creepy and they could make it 10x better.

  26. Im still trying to figure out why there was aliens in asylum..?? I wish they would go a story about abductions.

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