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American Horror Story Season 9 Teaser (HD) AHS 1984


American Horror Story is an Emmy and Golden Globe winning anthology horror drama series created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more American Horror Story season 9 promos in HD!

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  1. Literally, I heard this song and i was like, ive seen this in a commercial before???? and im like where have i seen it. and this would explain it because im a huge ahs fan

  2. AHS 1984 1st Teaser: The Woods

  3. Welcome to Camp Redwood.

  4. I just dont understand why people would stick themselves against the door while being chased by serial killers/demons/monsters/cops in horror movies?!! Like damn people your attacker has a knife and cabin doors are not weapon proof!

  5. muito bom esse filme

  6. adoreiii esse filme

  7. This is going to be great. Counting the days 🙈🙉🙈

  8. I bet it's the new Michael!

  9. Can’t wait! Excited to see the newer generation get some star love plus they have confirmed they are saving budget for season 10 with the last fox season with everyone returning before they go off to Netflix

  10. What song it is?

  11. slasha

  12. I actually like this song

  13. Does anyone know if they announced when the first episode will come out?

  14. In my personal opinion, this is going to be of the slasher genre about a summer camp considering it is based in the year that a lot of slasher films came out I bet it will probably be about cults slashers and other things of that nature! It's going to be sick, there hasn't been one season yet that I hated. Hell I even loved Roanoke

  15. I thought it was over why they bring ahs they should be done banned American horror story to end cancelled plz no more ahs should be banned

  16. Let's hope they manage to end the season well for once, Ryan knows how to start but not how to finish #uselesswritter

  17. What about the UFO's/Aliens, they must add that this season, is this not the last season?

  18. My birth year😁😁😁😁😁

  19. And how is this any different from ANY of the umpteen Jason in the camp and woods Horror flick from the 80s…..looks the same…..scary means …..SCARY>.don't copy Jason old silly movies………ugh

  20. Song?😍

  21. Okay, so everyone probably knows by now that BOTH Evan Peters & Sarah Paulson are not in this coming season. Thats kinda hard for me to believe, because they have both been the driving force throughout the ENTIRE SERIES so far. How great and cool would it be if they are all keeping it a huge secret, and the two of them end up being two killers (sort of Scream style) at the very end of the season. I really hope Im on to something, but I doubt it

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