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American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 7 "The Lady In White" (AHS 1984) REACTION!!! 9×07


After a week long wait my reaction for The Lady in White is finally ready!!! Did anyone catch any easter eggs? What will the final showdown come to ?
Comment down below you theories for #AHS1984 #AmericanHorrorStory1984
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  1. Looking forward for o the next reaction,

  2. This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥

  3. Episode 7 is the best one in the season so far.

  4. Other countries around the world have their versions of La Llorona (The Lady,Maiden&Woman in White, The Weeping woman etc. all with similar origins.

  5. Katia, I've been missing your AHS recaps. Can't wait for your reaction to this weeks dud of an episode. This episode was good though. Side note since you like comic books, have you seen HBO'S Watchmen?

  6. Omg my comment was referenced this is what's it's like to be famous

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