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American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 4 "True Killers" (AHS 1984) REACTION!!! 9×04

Will the True Killer please Stand up… I had to remove the ending due to copyright reasons, I’m sorry…
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  1. Young Margaret in this episode is different from young Margaret in ep 1

  2. Fan in Iowa

  3. Please do Coven!!!! 💛💚💙💜❤️

  4. I used to think the same about the Murder House/Hôtel ghost thing ! There is this ghost of the 1970 massacre that Margaret killed but for Ramirez this is a complete different thing… he levitated, his wounds were undone, his eyes turned black and je came back to life ! Not a ghost but there is clearly a demonic thing going on with him that resurected him and I’m dying to know more !

  5. This season is amazing, this episode in particular was fucking crazy lol I love the whole Ramirez/Montana story and Ramirez coming back to life haha.

  6. You are the only reviewer I have seen so far to call the licking of bloody sweaty feet disgusting, and I really appreciate hearing someone else actually thinks its disgusting. <3

  7. Omg I love your shirt!!!! Where did you get it?

  8. LOVE This reaction video 👏🏻👏🏻

  9. I love your reactions. This season is so cool

  10. where do u watch the episodeees?

  11. Oh, my God, I love your channel so much, the groin is the scariest, and the walking dead is just my favorite. We need more youtubers that react like this. TEE HEE.

  12. I felt so bad for jingles when he was electrocuted. And now I hate it out, innocent looking woman.

  13. I love this episode because Jingles looks creepy as hell and honestly throughout the whole entire time I kept screaming out of Horror

  14. I wonder who jingles is actually inspired by

  15. This video is so awesome and gory it's awesome.

  16. This episode was so trippy and scary I am honestly frightened!

  17. 13:45
    i believe the dude in halloween was stabbed through the back and was left hanging on a door. this kill was mildly inspired, unlike ray's death which was a straight up homage to friday the 13th

  18. I`m loving this season of AHS.

  19. Loving this season and i think it will continue to be great.

  20. Nice 🙂

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