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American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 1 "Camp Redwood" (AHS 1984) REACTION!!! 9×01

Finally after a full day of editing my first ever #AHS reaction video is here!!!! #AmericanHorrorStory is back with an 80’s horror film feel. Who will survive Camp RedWood and Mr. Jingles? Comment down below who you think the “FINAL GIRL” will be!! #AHS1984 #AmericanHorrorStory1984
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  1. Hey I want to watch season 9 of ahs where can I watch it for free?

  2. Am I the only one watching with her😂

  3. You've gained a subscriber. I'm SO DAMN IMPRESSED by your knowledge of horror films! I was born in 1977 and was lucky enough to have parents that didn't give a shit what I watched (for the most part). I grew up watching all of these films. Can't wait to watch your other videos.

  4. You're really cute

  5. When the hippie guy in the woods v
    Has his ear cut off Mr. jingles isn’t even there yet so who did it

  6. I'm new to your channel 👍🏾personally. I loved this episode…THAT WAS HIM IN THE WALKING DEAD!👍🏾😀

  7. I miss review you literally just got a new follower you're awesome

  8. “Who’s gonna tell her? The light she was seeing was literally the lamp post” lmaooo I thought the exact same thing

  9. I think you`re right Brooke and Montana should survive this season.

  10. Omg what??? Now I find out twisty/ mr jingles was in twd!!!😱 never realised that thanks!!

  11. Richard Ramirez was also in AHS: Hotel

  12. Someody's watching me was classic

  13. Loving the 80s aesthetic and soundtrack! John Carroll Lynch who plays Mr Jingles also played Twisty the Clown in other seasons

  14. I think there are multiple killers.

  15. Where can you watch ahs season 9 i wanna WATCH IT

  16. Watching from Wales 😁

  17. Yesss didn’t know you reacted to AHS too

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