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"American Horror Story" Season 7 SDCC Trailer Reaction – The Horror Show

The crew finally reacts to the teaser out of SDCC for the upcoming season of “American Horror Story”!


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Hosts: The Usual
Produced & Edited by Cecil Laird

Produced & Equipment/Studio by Steve Wargo & SWATHD.
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  1. Y'all ready for AHS: Season 8 Apocalpyse? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKrpgJTS-Vg

  2. I like that dudes rick and morty + stranger things shirt

  3. This looks pretty awesome

  4. Hotel was one of the best

  5. I am new to y'all YouTube Channel and left a comment on here as well!! I will wait until y'all subscribe back to my YouTube Channel, Kool To The Foolas!! Keep up with a good work!!

  6. This is clown season, IT and then this …I'm staying home this Halloween

  7. it's not a golf ball, it's a bee hive

  8. This is not the trailer, just a promo video like always they did. You are so dumb.

  9. Well… I'm still in. I've been back and fourth on this show since Season 3. Really disliked season 3, and got through half of season 4 and then half of season 5 and still haven't watched season 6. I will get to this though. I Like the "Cult" concept here and the clowns are creepy enough to have me interested at this point. 👍🏻

  10. You should know by now that AHS never shows a true trailer, just these small teaser videos. I do agree with Marcia that I would not know what the story is about, that what made Roanoke so great!

  11. Deffinatly curious. Looking forward to the release of the new IT trailer tomorrow! Marketing campaign is ratcheting up big time! Look forward to your review!

  12. It ahs cult. I think

  13. The first trailer was more like the interstitial they stick on the DVD for the Menu page….

  14. Remember, though…nine times out of ten, the same stuff they show you in a AHS promo, never actually shows up in the season itself, with a few exceptions.

  15. I Loved AHS the first three seasons. Then my enthusiasm waned, especially with "Hotel", and my opinion downgraded from Love to Like. It picked up again with Roanoke. I am going to wait and see with this season holds. IMHO, the series to beat is "Asylum". Not sure who in the group likes and dislikes, so everyone gets a great job!

  16. this show was bad only a couple of good seasons and then the rest were just a bunch of convoluted plots and sex and that's about it just terrible

  17. i know twisty is in 7 again

  18. they never tell. if you expected more you are crazy.


    Edit: The Second One is the Correct One 😀

  20. Hope it's cult and not election. I don't mind if there is a political aspect as long as it's horror. I'm not a trump superfan but I Swear to god if it turns out to be some anti trump propaganda I'm gonna lose my shit. My epeen will grow 10sizes to big that day and Ill rage on the internet lol. I love horror and watch to get away from that crap. I didn't care for the noses either but in general i thought it was not bad. I loved last year

  21. how wasted is jaime ? heh did not like the teaser and lena dunham is a clown in reality

  22. I really haven't been into AHS since the 4th season but I will give this one a go. Hope it turns out great

  23. I don't know after 7 seasons the quality of the series has really dropped but I still tune in to watch, hoping in vain that this season will be decent than last season. As general rule the first 3 episodes and the last 3 episodes are the best, the middle episodes are crap because the writers tend to throw sub-plots against the walls to see which ones stick and distract you with sex and gore when they don't. The series has turned into a hate watch at this point.

  24. AHS hasn't been good to me in a long while, I still think the first season is the best. 1-3 were good. 4 and 5 were meh, 6 was bad, I hope this delivers.

  25. The trailers are always like the first one, just a random horror thing to tease the new season. Every year has been the same thing, it's never indicative of what the season is going to be. I like it but I'm also the kind of person that doesn't watch trailers cause they spoil stuff.

  26. If Rob Zombie was in charge of designing the umpa lumpas this is what you would get.

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