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American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 11 (FINALE) – 'Great Again' Reaction

American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 11 (FINALE) – ‘Great Again’ Reaction.

Back with another reaction to American Horror Story Season 7. In this episode we’re on the finale and we see how Kai’s master plan comes around, or would it be Ally’s master plan now? But enough with the dramatics, leave a like if you enjoyed and subscribe if you so please.
– Joe

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  1. The while season mind fucked me.
    I was lost the whole time.

  2. I’ve only season the first and second seasons.. I think I might get into it again.. I’m watching game of thrones right now

  3. Hi Joe. Getting back into your videos. Just would like to ask, on patron you can make a series request on of the paying levels, would you be up for watching American Crime Story?

    There is currently 2 seasons, 19 episodes. Season 1 was The People Vs O.J Simpson starting Cuba Gooding Jr and Season 2 which has now been removed from BBC iPlayer, I know you will know what this is because you're British just like myself, S2 is titled The Assassination of Gianni Versace and starts Darren Criss (Glee, Girl Mostly Likely) and Ricky Martin.

  4. The season started great but slowly started to downgrade and finale sucked hope next season is like some voodoo shit or something anything aside from just humans

  5. I find it so ironic that 5 days after the Season Finale…one of the most infamous cult leaders Charles Manson died

  6. can anyone say Divide & Conquer for 2020 by Gender … AHS has lost my viewership for good.

  7. it doesnt suprises me that this episode was directed by a woman …. feminists won thats fucking discusting

  8. Very good

  9. I literally said “did we miss an episode” to my mum when I watched this 😂

  10. The finale was a bit underwhelming and Kai's death was dissapointing but overall an amazing season with great performances.

  11. Do people actually agree with SCUM?

  12. Only part I didn’t like is when Kai escaped prison. Like they wouldn’t have checked fingerprints or dental records was kind of stupid but overall another great episode.


  14. Season was good … Finale was boring I miss the supernatural shit

  15. I agree with your rating on the season finale. It was really good….. But MAN did it frustrate me! I found myself asking "what are you trying to say, show?!?!" Lol

  16. 2:13 the exact same question I asked myself

  17. it was such a disappointing end to the season tbh

  18. Joe's having a while snack while watching this….#props

  19. UHM OKAY WELL, I LOVED THIS SEASOIN BUT DIDNT LIKE THE FINALE I WANTED KAI TO LIVE LOL, but next year make sure you react to the next season plz

  20. And so many references to previous seasons) always appreciated.

  21. I still remember that dissapointment from Freak Show. Such a good promo and start and then just 4-5 unnecessary episodes and the season got into a great hole. The sixth season was the same. First half amazing, and then the idiotic second one. Hotel is just a strange one, not a bad one, but still. SEASON 7 was smoothet and steadier for me since Coven. Definitely i have a hope again in this series.

  22. I fucking called it lol about 5 episodes ago I said that Beverly would kill Kai and either her or Ally would take over the cult (which technically didn't happen but still she ended up joining SCUM so it's close enough lol)

  23. The Lena Dunham episode was fundamental to the plot though, the whole second part of the season was about men vs women, and we see that it’s basically Valerie Solanas’ ideology the one that ended up creating Kai, and Ally in the end is wearing a SCUM robe

  24. please explain me the final scene

  25. Could you react on yoru channel to the season of ahs freak show and hotel you haven’t watched

  26. We need more pretty little liars 😭

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