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American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 1 – Election Night' Reaction

American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 1 – Election Night’ Reaction.

Back with another reaction, this time to American Horror Story season 7. This season we’re looking at politics and how it turns people into clowns. But enough with the dramatics, leave a like if you enjoyed and subscribe if you so please.
– Joe

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  1. The lesbian couple are infuriating

  2. What the man bun guy ?

  3. Eff you democracy .. how dare a white guy win

  4. ANTIFA all must be shot

  5. Liberal tears as trump won. 😆

  6. no …we not all saying that

  7. Why they didn't do this critic for Obama, huh? Afraid?

  8. The lefts psychotic hatred for trump is hysterical

  9. Am I the only one who hated this season ?

  10. You need to watch freakshow its my fave

  11. That was a funny ass episode.

  12. make that video wide it to small

  13. Omg……Donald Trump, you piece of shit. I hate you, I hate you! You racist, hypocrite, fake, repulsive Oompalumpa face.

  14. It was such a funny episode! This was some of the best humor I've seen in a long time. Some missed opportunities – they didn't have 'Send In The Clowns' playing over the supermarket speakers, nor did they play the Benny Hill theme music during the Crusty the Clown segment. My only concern is that there really wasn't any 'horror' until the last 10 minutes of the episode.

  15. I do not like this season whatsoever, tbh. Probably because I'm not American.

  16. Why can't I find the fucking show? I have been trying to find a credible site that has legitimate content of it. However, I don't want to pay for cable or a Hulu subscription.

  17. Trigger warning lol.

  18. I have felt fucked up seance Trump got elected. I was in shock the night it happened.. I thought we were being Punked so Fucking hard.. it wasn't real.

  19. Onision is in this what?! Hahah evan peters cheeto scene is really giving me onision vibes..

  20. Gotta love that Obama! Dismantled Syria and Lybia and almost Egypt while opening up mass surveillance on the US. THATS OUR MAN!

  21. For the 2 seconds Colton was on screen… not impressed

  22. You should do more research on your boi Obomba. He was a terrorist in revolutionary clothing. Ask the Middle East where he expanded Bush's wars. Presidents all suck. Which is why I can enjoy this kind of satire.

  23. I just want to say I just love your reactions you are a great keep doing what you're doing. And can you react to Gotham.

  24. 8:54 😂 I love this part

  25. I LOVE YOUR REACTIONS TO AHS! and i love cult so far, cant wait for you to react to ep2

  26. I'm wondering if the people wearing the clown masks aren't members of Evan Peters cult. As I understand it he is a Charles Manson like character. And I think the Asian man killed at the end was the same one on the panel when Evan Peters spoke.

  27. Evan is so underrated, it's sad

  28. The kid is you

  29. Never been so confused for a plot in my entire life like….😫😫

  30. This episode was so good like it actually had scary and creepy moments, this season has so much potential

  31. Loved your reaction and the holes thing is her phobia which is called trypophobia(fear of holes). Which I'm confused as to why her wife gave her the crumpet as they have been married for years and would know not to give it to her as it would spike a reaction either way.

  32. I like it , I thought it had a purge kind of feel to it , awesome video 🙂

  33. Am I the only who thinks Liv is involved? Also, I can't wait for your PLL reactions!!

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